#ForSarah Goes Viral As Columbus Officials Investigate Sarah Grossman’s Death


Columbus, Ohio officials are investigating the death of 22-year-old Sarah Grossman. The Ohio State University graduate’s tragic death went viral on social media after claims circulated that she might have died from complications following a protest that was tear-gassed. Her family and city officials have said that her cause of death is still being determined. Her family is asking that donations #ForSarah be made to the Rainforest Alliance and Columbus Freedom Fund, two organizations that Grossman supported. You can learn more about how to donate to those organizations in the last section of this story.

Ohio Officials Are Investigating Her Death

In a series of tweets, the City of Columbus announced on June 3 that they were investigating Grossman’s death.

They wrote:

We have seen social media reports of a young woman passing away as the result of being sprayed during a protest in Columbus. What we know right now is that @ColsFire does not have a record of an EMT transport to any Columbus-area hospitals. The Montgomery County Coroner’s office is handling her autopsy. We will continue to look into any possible Columbus connection.”

Grossman died at Sycamore Hospital on May 30, NBC 4 reported.

Jessa Grossman said on Twitter that the family is still confirming her cause of death. She’s responded to a number of tweets and said that Sarah Grossman did not die at a protest and has asked for that misinformation to not be spread.



Jessa said it is possible that Sarah died of respiratory problems from tear gas, but they aren’t certain and do not want misleading information spread online.

Sarah Grossman Wanted to Help Children in Mexico & One Day Own a Sustainable Farm

Jessa Grossman posted about Sarah’s death on Instagram, noting that Sarah was her sister and would be dearly missed.


She shared that Grossman had graduated with a degree in environmental sciences and Spanish. She wanted to help children in Mexico and then move to Guatemala and own a sustainable farm.

Grossman had worked at Stauf’s Coffee Roasters. The company posted a tribute to her on Facebook, encouraging donations to the Rainforest Alliance.

The company wrote: “It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the death of one of our own today, Sarah Grossman. Her ability to make anyone feel comfortable, coworkers and patrons alike, kept our stores warm. At Stauf’s, Sarah was known for her devotion to keeping the workplace green by implementing environmentally-friendly practices on and off the clock. Outside of the store, she fought even harder for issues she cared about, including the Rainforest Alliance, and the Black Lives Matter movement.”

They said she had been a peaceful protester.

#ForSarah Has Gone Viral in Grossman’s Memory

Jessa shared a hashtag to honor Sarah called #ForSarah. The hashtag has since gone viral, with people sharing their memories of Sarah Grossman, encourage others to donate in her name, and strive to live in honor of her memory. You can read some of the Instagram posts remembering her below.

Many are adding her favorite organizations as links on their profiles.

Her Family Asks That Donations Be Made to the Rainforest Alliance or the Columbus Freedom Fund

On Instagram, Jessa Grossman shared that anyone who wants to donate in Sarah’s memory can donate to one of the organizations that Sarah supported: Rainforest Alliance or the Columbus Freedom Fund.

The Columbus Freedom Fund is helping provide bail for demonstrators.

According to the group’s Facebook page’s About section, donations can be made to their PayPal account.

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