Johnniqua Charles: ‘Lose Yo Job’ Viral Woman Raises Over $50,000 on GoFundMe

Johnniqua Charles

Johnniqua Charles GoFundMe Johnniqua Charles, of “Lose Yo Job” fame.

Johnniqua Charles has been identified as the woman in the viral “Lose Yo Job” video. Charles, 27, was videotaped questioning a security guard about why he was detaining her. During this questioning, she began to sing and dance, creating a ditty that would soon inspire many remixes.

Charles said, “Why are you detaining me? You about to lose yo job. You about to lose yo job. You about to lose yo job. Get this dance! You about to lose yo job ’cause you are detaining me for nothing.”

Charles is from Dillon, South Carolina. She was homeless and battling addiction when the video was taken. She recently told BuzzFeed News that the video has changed her life. A GoFundMe for Charles, created by her sister, has already raised over $50,000 for her, which will go towards addiction treatment and childcare.

Here’s what you need to know:

Charles Is Working to Trademark Her Famous Line & to Receive Royalties From All of the Song Remixes

According to the GoFundMe her sister set up for her, Charles has already received over $50,000 in support from fans all over the world. Donations for the page have been disabled. Charles is also planning to ensure that she will monetarily benefit from the line she created.

Her sister, Andrea wrote:

I am Johnniqua’s sister and I created this page for her being that everyone was looking for that “viral girl” lol. She is not in custody, but the video is deeper than a song and dance. My sister is currently homeless and battling with an addiction. My nephew, her 3 y/o, is in the care of family.

All funds that have been donated will go towards seeking her help and to care for her child. I am also working with @imarkkeyz & @remixgodsuede so that she receives her profit from her hit single. Her slogan is also being trademarked.

Charles Was Detained When She Was Trying to Get Her Purse From a Gentlemen’s Club in Dillon, She Says

To BuzzFeed News, Charles said that she was detained by a security guard when she was trying to get her purse from a gentlemen’s club she was inside of earlier in the evening on February 5. The security guard claimed to think she was trespassing.

She said, “I guess he thought I was going back in just to go back inside the club, but he wouldn’t allow me, and that’s how the argument between me and him started. I told him to suck my dick, and that is the moment he basically put the handcuffs on me and tussled with me a little bit.”

Charles also said the video caused her to reconnect with her family, with whom she hadn’t spoken in months and who were watching her three-year-old son. She said, “I’d been on the streets, and they’d been looking for me. And I guess they seen that this video could basically change my life, and they put out a whole search party to find me.”

As for how she feels about her newfound celebrity, Charles said, “I just want to keep being normal. I don’t want to consider myself quote-unquote famous or a celebrity. I can’t do that.”

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