12 People Shot in Minneapolis, 1 Dead, Police Say

The Minneapolis Police Department has reported on Twitter that 12 people suffered gunshot wounds in the 2900 block of Hennepin Street. According to the tweet, one male has died and 11 have non-life-threatening wounds.

According to the Associated Press, police said that a “preliminary investigation indicated that ‘individuals on foot’ started shooting around 12:30 a.m. and later fled the scene.”

Police have said that there were multiple shooters and that those shooters are still at-large, according to a tweet from TMJ4 producer David Bohlman.

Reports of a shooting first came in around 12:43 a.m. from citizens near the area, who reported that three people were shot near Hoban Korean BBQ.

That same user noted that the “victim count up to 6 😢 Hoban is being surrounded.” Two hours later, that Twitter user said they saw injured people in an alley:

Sounds like uptown is being shot up, most injured seem to be in or outside of Hoban, one outside Stellas, one outside Buffalo Wild Wings (unconfirmed), two more found in an alley, two more showed up @ hcmc on their own.

At around 1:47 a.m., police warned residents near Hennepin to stay away from the area via Twitter. Roughly an hour later, police tweeted that 10 people had been shot and “All are alive with various severity levels of injuries.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Videos Near the Area Depict a Chaotic Scene

One Twitter user reported seeing a woman being carried toward an ambulance and others said they saw a police officer and bystander carrying a shooting victim near that scene.

Another user tweeted a video showing the ground near that area stained with blood.

Others posted videos showing intense chaos:

K. G. Wilson, a Minneapolis peace activist, posted the Facebook video showing a crowd gathered around the Korean BBQ restaurant.

“Some of the brothers came out here trying and we tried to keep things peaceful,” he said. “But, you know, bullets gon’ do what they do, people going to shoot, so I don’t know. Y’all out there, pray for these young people because the young people really got hit with some nasty bullets here tonight.”

A Nightclub Shooting Also Took Place

Minneapolis Police seemed to have trouble differentiating which victims were shot near Hennepin and which victims were shot at an incident that took place at a nightclub, according to Star Tribune reporter Libor Jany.

According to a tweet from Jany:

A police spokesman says there are between 8-10 victims, saying “we’re trying to ascertain” which victims at area hospitals were injured in the Uptown shooting, and which were wounded in another, unrelated shooting. Says that in the Uptown incident, gunfire broke out about 12:37.

Jany also tweeted that he spoke to some victims near the incident:

A woman pacing outside a nearby hospital says she was waiting on her 23-year-old daughter, who she says was undergoing a CAT scan; the daughter was shot twice, with one bullet tearing into her leg and striking her femur and the other grazing her arm.

The area where the shooting took place is within a five-mile radius of the same neighborhood rocked by rioting in response to the death of George Floyd, who died in police custody on May 25. Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes; Chauvin and the other three officers on the scene have been fired and charged.

This story will be updated with more information.

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