WATCH: Elementary School Teacher Threatens to Kill 8-Year-Old’s Mother at California Protest

Carrie Maxwell teacher

Twitter Wayside Elementary School teacher Carrie Maxwell at protests in Bakersfield, California.

A California elementary school teacher has apologized after she was filmed screaming threats at an 8-year-old girl and her mother who were attending a Black Lives Matter protest.

Carrie Maxwell, a second-grade teacher at Wayside Elementary School, was seen in the video threatening Erika Baze and her 8-year-old daughter, Kimberly, following a protest in Bakersfield, California, according to KGET.

The protest was held on June 4 at around 6 p.m. in response to the death of George Floyd, a black man who was pinned under now-former police officer Derek Chauvin’s knee for more than eight minutes. Floyd died while in police custody.

Demonstrators in Bakersfield were “met by counter-protesters carrying American flags and ‘Make America Great Again’ flags on opposite corners at Calloway Drive and Hageman Road, according to KGET.

Maxwell can be heard screaming “get off the street, I will f***ing kill you” before a man KGET reported is her husband emerges to drag her away from the pair.

The 8-year-old can be heard sobbing in the background and saying she is scared.

“Do you see what you did to a child?” Baze then asks. “Good job.”

According to The Daily Mail, Baze said Maxwell “jumped out of nowhere” and threatened her and her daughter that she was going to call the police while telling them they weren’t welcome in the area.

Baze, who is white, began recording the incident after Maxwell started becoming violent, the Daily Mail reported.

Maxwell Claims She Is ‘Humiliated’ by Her Actions, but Baze Has Yet to Accept Her Apology

Maxwell later apologized through her attorney, saying she has an autistic son and was acting out of fear and anxiety with demonstrations edging closer and closer to her home, according to the New York Post.

KGET reported that Maxwell said in a statement, “There was a woman who became confrontational and I responded in an inappropriate manner. I never intended to cause fear. I never spoke to or threatened this woman’s daughter. I have never been in a physical altercation in my life.

“I am humiliated by my actions.”

Baze has not accepted Maxwell’s apology.

“As much as I would like to accept an apology, I do not see this as a legitimate apology. This is a press release from a lawyer that Ms. Maxwell has secured, full of excuses for Ms. Maxwell’s behavior,” she told Bakersfield Now.

Responding to Maxwell’s statement, she said: “You state in the press release that there was a woman who became confrontational. I am unsure whether you are trying to imply that I was that woman. I find that a highly problematic statement, given that I was merely walking to [my] car when you aggressively approached me and my daughter. Please release the video you recorded, because I know the truth and how it began.”

Bakersfield City School District Superintendent Doc Ervin Has Spoken About the Incident

Bakersfield City School District Superintendent Doc Ervin has released a statement, which reads as follows:

The Bakersfield City School District strives to be a model of inclusion and equity for our students, staff, families and community members. The District is aware of the incident that occurred on June 5, 2020 involving an employee. We do not condone nor endorse the action and behavior captured on the video. The District is currently conducting an investigation into the incident. As this is a confidential personnel matter, we are unable to comment any further.

New video has emerged that appears to show Maxwell yelling over her fence at protesters, Bakersfield Now reported. A captioned screenshot of the video reads: “The image is a screenshot of Carrie Maxwell … seen looking over her fence as protesters walk by to show support for police reform in the wake of George Floyd’s death. The video was sent to our newsroom by a protester who wishes to remain anonymous.”

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