Crews Fire in California Grows to 1,500 Acres: See Map & Updates

Crews Fire

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The Crews Fire in California started on July 5 and grew rapidly. As of late Sunday night, it was already larger than 1,500 acres and evacuation orders had been issued in some areas.  Here is what we know so far, along with where you can go for updates. Remember to stay tuned to local sources, as the situation can change rapidly.

See Maps & Evacuation Updates

According to Cal Fire, the Crews Fire was 1,000 acres in size as of late Sunday night. However, Cal Fire’s Twitter noted that the fire had actually grown to more than 1,500 acres by around 11:45 p.m. on Sunday night. It started at Crews Road and Oak Spring Circle, north of Gilroy.

The fire is now 15% contained and evacuations remain in place.

Below is an auto-updated map of the Crew Fire provided by Mapping Support. They note: “Interactive map of #CrewsFire with MODIS and VIIRS satellite hotspots. Satellite data is *always* several hours old and locations are approximate. Click links in upper left corner for more information.” See the full map here.

You can also see the approximate location of the fire below.

As of the time of publication, an evacuation center wasn’t yet set up by the Red Cross, but they were working on setting it up.

San Francisco CBS reported that by 6:30 p.m. Sunday, evacuations had been set up in multiple areas, including along Cañada Road. Two buildings had been destroyed. The evacuations remained in place as of after 11 p.m. on Sunday night.

The fire was burning towards Highway 152.

Where to Get Breaking Updates

Here are some sources for updates about the fire or other emergencies:

Here are some photos of what the fire looks like.

Statewide Fire Maps

An embeddable Google Map that includes Inciweb fires shows the fires in the state of California.

A new interactive fire map for the state of California is below, provided by here. You may need to click “OK” before you can view the map to indicate you’re not using it as an evacuation resource.

Another helpful interactive map is provided here from

This is one of 11 active fires currently reported in California by CalFire. The fires in the state include Soledad (now 1,100 acres), Crews (more than 1,000 acres in Santa Clara County), Kings Fire in Fresno (40 acres), Park Fire in Santa Clara (343 acres), Mount R Fire in San Bernardino, Soda Fire in San Luis Obispo, Rowher Fire in Los Angeles, Flat Fire in Trinity, Poeville Fire (technically in Nevada), Quarter Fire in Tuolumne, and the Hog Fire in Fresno.

This is fire season in California, so stay tuned to your local news for the latest updates. Fires can start quickly and grow rapidly with little warning.

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