Sky Williams: Super Smash Bros Streamer Responds to Sexual Assault Accusations

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Sky Williams is a Super Smash Bros. player and streaming personality who is in the hot seat for running gaming houses accused of fostering abuse and sexual misconduct.

Williams operated “Sky Houses,” also known as “Smash gaming households” for professional streamers and others involved in the gaming community, according to CCN. The online persona said he never owned more than one house at a time and had up to 24 people living with him at once, Dot eSports added.

Some of the “biggest names of the Smash Scene” have recently been accused of grooming, sexual assault and pedophilia, Inven Global reported, all of which lived in one of Williams’ households dating back to 2014.

Among the accused are D’Ron “D1” Maingrette, Richard “Keitaro” King and Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios, the site continued.

Williams addressed the allegations Tuesday during an explosive 2-hour Twitch stream before he was cut off by one of his roommates, Dot eSports said.

“What you’re about to hear is something that not a soul knows outside myself. There are things I kept private as time went on for a multitude of reasons, but it has nothing to do with silencing the victims or enabling attackers,” Williams said.

Adding, “It was that I knew for the longest time that I was lying to myself, that I knew that I was completely over my head, that this house would one day explode, but never in any world did I expect or want any of this.”

Many took to Twitter to criticize the streamer’s live-streamed apology for what they interpreted as an attempt to play the victim.

Williams noted that his name was either the main or sole name on the Sky House leases, Inven Global said.

Here is everything you need to know about Sky Williams:

1. Williams is a Director, Stand-Up Comedian, Twitch Livestreamer & Vlogger, But he Initially Wanted to Become a Doctor

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Formally Gregory Scott Williams, the streamer was born on Jan. 31, 1990 in San Jose, California, according to Famous Birthdays. Williams grew up in Gilroy and is the youngest of three children.

Gamepedia described Williams as a “very apt student,” saying he was coaxed into participating in the Gifted and Talented Education program. The Cali native first got into online gaming as a way to cope with depression, the site continued.

Williams later stated that he became “so passionate” about creating content for Twitch and Youtube, he turned down the path of becoming a doctor and declined an acceptance from Stanford University, Gamepedia said.

2. Williams Has Over 825,000 YouTube Subscribers & More Than 265,000 Twitch Followers

#slAyMA Reprise w/a bit of liquid courageThis #slAyMA was filmed a bit ago. Taking the advice of yall and just uploading no matter how i feel about it LOL. I randomly made this video when we threw a party at my place and i figured that yall might enjoy it. More constructed fun stuff soon – or at least that's what…2019-09-25T01:10:48Z

Williams is best known for his comedic content on YouTube and Twitch, in which he generally delivers rants or monologues stemming from his own personal experiences within the gaming community, Gamepedia said.

He is also a stand-up comedian, the site continued, and has provided commentary for several “Smash tournaments,” including Apex 2015 and GENESIS 3.

Gamepedia reported that Williams is “close friends with fellow League of Legends streamers VideoGameDunkey, Sp4zie, and Sunnysplosion” and typically plays with them during streaming.

3. Williams’ Comedic Career First Took Off on Reddit

FacebookSky Williams.

Gamepedia reported that Williams moved to Los Angeles and began playing League of Legends as a hobby. He worked as a server at Applebees for six years, which lead him to hear about “a Flappers comedy competition.”

Of more than 400 comedians, Williams placed first in the competition’s semifinal and then fourth in the final, the website added.

He then made his first YouTube comedy video, which featured a rant about League of Legends players. The piece blew up on the platform as well as Reddit, Gamepedia said.

In two months, “he had become a celebrity,” it continued.

4.One of Williams’ Most Popular Videos Included a Speech About Depression, Straying From his Usual Content

A Message to the Depressed.SONG: Witness: Farewell: His twitter. Please thank him: Suicide hotline number: 1-800-273-TALK Email: Legal first name (cuz of confusion) is Sky Williams: Twitter: Here is a basic list of resources/hotlines that you can call if you are feeling suicidal, or are worried about someone who is. United States: 1-800-784-2433 (1-800-SUICIDE) United…2014-08-12T02:58:51Z

On Aug. 11, 2014, Williams posted a motivational support video on the topic of depression — which has amassed over three million views, Gamepedia said.

The video details Williams’ personal experiences with the illness in an “effort to help those in need,” site added. The website said the video’s inspiration was partly motivated by the suicide of famed actor Robin Williams.

The video was covered heavily online, including by The UK Telegraph and The Huffington Post.

5. During His Recent Apology Stream, Williams Did Not Have the Victims’ Consent, CCN Says

The website, as well as users on Twitter, claimed the streamer did not have consent to discuss the details surrounding the victims’ accusations against members from the Sky Houses.

“Having their abuse dragged up by Sky Williams without their prior consent was a colossal mistake, and something he should have known better to avoid,” CCN Author William Worrall said.

The hashtag #TwitchStopSky quickly went viral on Twitter following Williams’ apology, CCN noted.

Williams has yet to respond to the above claims that he did not have the victims’ consent.

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