WATCH: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler ‘Overcome’ With Tear Gas

Ted Wheeler Gas

Twitter/ @ByMikeBaker Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler experiences the effects of tear gas at protests.

Video has emerged of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler experiencing the effects of tear gas at protests in the city.

New York Times correspondent Mike Baker captured and shared the video in the early hours of July 23.

In the video, the Portland mayor can be seen clutching his face mask and shutting his eyes against the effects of the gas. He is wearing plastic goggles. He leans forward and periodically takes sips of water.

Wheeler starts walking past the crowd of protesters who hold phones filming him and ask, “How does that feel? How is that?”

“Take a breath, Ted,” one yells.

As the mayor walks away from the scene, a protester exclaims, “You should stay in there, Ted.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Protests Have Continued  in Portland for Nearly 60 Nights

Protests have been ongoing in Portland since the death of George Floyd in police custody on Memorial Day, May 25.

Video was circulating online of Portland protesters throwing fireworks at the U.S. District Courthouse while Wheeler was seen in the crowd.

Freelance photographer and journalist Shauna Sowersby said fires had been lit “over the fence near the front of the federal courthouse.”

Andy Ngo, editor of The Post Millenial, shared scenes of the area outside the courthouse ablaze.

There have been calls for Wheeler’s resignation as police commissioner after Portland Police came under scrutiny and received criticism for their use of tear gas and physical force at protests. Wheeler has previously denounced vandalism and firest set by protesters.

Wheeler recently confirmed that he will retain the police commissioner role.

Video from July 22 protests shows the mayor entering the crowd to cries of “f****** fascist” and “tear gas Ted has got to go.”

A man was also filmed at protests holding a leaf blower over Wheeler’s head.

Wheeler Denounced the Presence of Federal Troops in Portland

The mayor addressed the crowd, who were chanting “tear gas Ted,” and yelling, “f*** you, you f****** pig.”

“The reason I’m here tonight …” Wheeler begins his speech.

“Is to resign!” someone yells.

“Is to stand with you … I stand with you no matter what, and if they launch the teargas against you, they are launching the teargas against me. We are a community.”

Mentioning the federal government’s presence in the city, Wheeler says, “They were not asked to be here, they’re not wanted here. They’re not properly trained to be here, and we are asking them right this minute, we’re demanding that they leave. We demand that the federal government stop occupying our streets.”

People in the crowd boo and one shouts “get the f*** out” when Wheeler confirms he does not support defunding the police.

A Fake Twitter Account Has Been Launched Under the Name ‘Tear Gas Ted’

A fake mayoral account, #teargasted, has been created on Twitter. It includes edited parodies of Portland Police promotional videos and details of where the next protest will be happening.

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