Philadelphia Babysitter Charged in 2-Year-Old’s Murder

tianna parks

Philadelphia Police Department

A Philadelphia babysitter has been charged in the death of a two-year-old boy who was in her care. According to CBS Philly, 24-year-old Tianna Parks was arrested on July 20 and  charged in the murder of King Hill, who was last seen alive on July 5. The Philly Voice reported that Parks has been charged with charged with murder, endangering the welfare of children, interference with the custody of children, abuse of corpse, making false statements to police, obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence. Parks is currently being held without bail.

“The death of King Hill is an unbearable tragedy that is compounded by Tianna Parks’ actions,” District Attorney Larry Krasner said in a statement according to CBS Philly. “This precious baby’s family and community deserve to know how he died. They deserve the opportunity to bury and mourn him with dignity. This child deserved so much better in life. My office will continue to work alongside the Philadelphia Police and FBI to seek justice for his death.”

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. 1. Parks Was a Suspect From the Beginning of the Investigation

  2. During a news conference, which you can watch above, it was stated that Parks was a suspect early in the investigation because the accounts she gave investigators didn’t make sense.
  3. “Witness testimony, phone data, call detail records, call logs, video evidence. The fact that she just kept trying to deceive our investigators and lead us into a different direction,” Philadelphia Police Captain Jason Smith said. “All those inconsistencies in her statement, it all added up.”

Police also said that “virtually everything” Parks said was disputed by video and cell phone evidence.

2. Many Details About King Hill’s Death Are Still Unknown

King Hill

Philadelphia Police Department2-year-old King Hill.

Police said that while they are sure Parks killed the toddler, there are many things that they do not know yet, like where Parks may have disposed of his body.

“We don’t right now have the mechanism of King Hill’s death, we don’t know the date of his death, we don’t know the location of his death, nor do we know where Ms. Parks disposed of his body,” Anthony Voci, chief of the Homicide Unit with the District Attorney’s Office said. “But we know, based on the evidence, that we have that he was in fact killed by Ms. Parks.”

One thing that police are confident about is that Hill was dead before he was reported missing.

“We know without a doubt that King Hill was deceased before the police were notified,” Lieutenant Harold Lloyd from the Special Victims Unit said during the press conference.

3. Hill’s Stepfather & Parks Were Friends

Parks was a friend of Hill’s stepfather, Marvin Reese, and helped him care for the child at times, ABC reported. Reese told police that he dropped Hill off to Parks two weeks before he was reported missing. The child’s mother, Amber Hill, said she assumed that when Parks didn’t return Hill to her care that he was with Reese. Reese said that Parks told him that she returned Hill to his mother on July 7. He was reported missing July 8.

4. Hill’s Mother Didn’t Know Who Parks Was

Hill’s grandmother, Kimberly Hill, told Action News that the child had been in Reese’s care since the end of May and was expected to return Hill to his mother in time for his birthday in a few weeks. She said her daughter became alarmed when Reese texted her to confirm that Parks took him home to her as she had told him.

“She gets a text saying, ‘Did you get the baby? She dropped him off at 33rd and Diamond.’ That’s the first time we heard of this babysitter. I don’t know who this woman is,” Kimberly Hill said.

The Philadelphia Inquirer also reported that Amber Hill said she didn’t know Parks.

Police are still searching for Hill’s body.

“I can’t even get his body, whatever she was doing to him, I can’t even get his body. It’s messing my whole family up. I just feel like this whole investigation was too long. I think they should have been incarcerated her,” Amber Hill told CBS Philly.

5. Park’s Motive is Unknown

According to KYW, Parks’ motive for killing King is unknown. They also reported that The FBI and Pennsylvania State Police are also helping Philadelphia Police Department search for King.

“Their child abduction rapid deployment team, as well as profilers from their behavioral analysis unit, are here working alongside us, as well as members of the state police,” Captain of the Special Victims Unit Mark Burgmann told KYW.

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