Here’s Why ‘Witches Moon Hex’ Is Going Viral On Tiktok

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The accusation made by a Twitter user – that a group of new witches tried to hex the moon – has gone viral as hexing the moon, according to witches’ lore, could bring bad luck for all life forms dependent on the moon’s energy.

Such life forms could include humans and that’s especially the case since, according to that Twitter user, the goddess of the moon has a twin-god-brother who is responsible for health and medicine – during a pandemic.

If nothing else, accusations of the hexing have sent many members of “WitchTok” into a panic over what the attempted hex could mean for humanity, while everyone is still trying to figure out what exactly a hex is.

What Are Baby Witches & What Is ‘WitchTok’?

WitchTok is a subgroup of Tiktok users who are into witchcraft and all that it entails – magic, spells, manifestations and other related activity associated with witches. Members of the subgroup typically identify themselves and/or their content with the #witchtok. According to Gizmodo, it’s a pretty harmless affair: “While some videos can be a little scary, there’s a lot of positive and wholesome content,” the author wrote. “Then there are the sub-groups at the core of this story — the baby witches.”

“Baby witches” is a term for beginning witches and Wiccans. A “hex,” according to Merriam Webster, means to cast an evil spell upon.

Someone on Twitter, who goes by the username Jupiter, wrote that a hex had been put on the moon by baby witches, which might explain strange natural phenomena or bad luck coming to those who rely on the moon’s spiritual power.

Jupiter went on to say that the group of four “newbie” witches went on a tear, hexing fae (The Cut described fae, also called “Fair Folk,” as magical fairies known in old folklore for being mischievous and “sinister,” despite their modern-day portrayals as being helpful guides for one’s spiritual journey.), the planet and the moon, which Jupiter warned would anger the god-twins Artemis and Apollo (goddess of the moon, god of the sun as well as health and medicine).

Here is part of what Jupiter wrote in her Twitter thread:


in the past few days, a group of FRESH baby witches* decided to band together, and hex the fae. and then the moon. and they did!

(theyre now planning to hex the sun. too)…

these baby witches specifically stemmed from witch tiktok “witchtok” …

it is EXTREMELY important to note that fair folk do not abide by human morals, because they are not human. morality is a human construct. fair folk are not inherent malevolent, but they have different customs than we do. but when they’re f***ed with, WHOO BABY. you’ve now got trickery for the rest of your life and maybe a bloodline curse! if you’re lucky. they’ll probably also steal your soul.


well, for witches, the moon is integral to our work. most notably, it fuels spells and provides power. obviously you shouldnt ???? disrespect the moon??


the moon thing matters because there are gods that rule the moon. and hurting the moon, hurts them. not so much “physically” as hurts their energy / power and hurts them emotionally.

please stop hexing things and stop pissing off the god of health and medicine in a pandemic. thanks

Several Users on Social Media Are Not Happy About the Supposed ‘Hex’

According to Gizmodo, “The moon, Jupiter explained, is a source of energy and ‘fuel’ for spells. This hex is also supposedly affecting the gods of the moon and sun, Artemis and Apollo. So, hurting the moon is like spiking your own water source — it’s a silly thing to do in the world of witchcraft.”

Perhaps that’s the reason why Reddit users who noticed the phenomenon seemed struck by confusion and amusement, while others responded with resignation:

“THE MOON!?! What the hell!?! Why!??” one user wrote.
“They tried hexing the fair folk and the moon to prove that they are more powerful. All I’m hearing is Bloodline curses all around for them,” another user wrote.
And the title of the thread was simply, “Man im so done w tiktok.”

Users on Twitter also got a kick out of using the alleged hex to explain behaviors they found odd, such as how much sunscreen Mark Zuckerberg had on his face in Hawaii (whether the photo is real or not has yet to be confirmed).

Another Twitter user seemed dubious that junior witches could even pull of such a powerful spell:

Of course, Jupiter warned anyone against mocking the concept, writing, “also, if you don’t believe in this, absolutely do not disrespect what is happening to those of us who believe right now. not only does it make you an asshole, but the gods and fair (folk) are already mad. don’t make it worse.”

But it wasn’t fun and games for everyone.

In another Tiktok, WitchTok user @thatonebluntwitch said, “I think they’re more mad at the audacity of these idiots that would want to hex the moon or anything related to nature, because that’s a sacred thing in witchcraft.”

In the Reddit thread on this topic, some people seemed genuinely concerned about the “hex.” One even asked, “How do I apologize to the moon?”
“A lot of people are lighting candles for the moon, incense would probably work too,” “Apricot_queen” responded.

As Flinders University Space Archaeology Instructor Alice Gorman told CNET, the moon will most likely be fine. “In reality, you know the moon isn’t going to fall out of the sky, tides aren’t going to stop happening,” she said. “It won’t turn blue or green, but it does demonstrate that there are continually new ways that people find emotional connection to the moon.”

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