Montes Anderson’s Video Story Is Not From Beirut Explosion

Montes Anderson story

Facebook Montes Anderson posted a misleading graphic video on Facebook.

Montes Anderson posted an extremely graphic video on his Facebook story that appeared to show dead bodies in the street following the massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, on Tuesday, August 4. The influencer’s video quickly went viral, as many of his followers believed this devastating clip depicted the aftermath in Beirut and that he experienced the traumatic event in person.

However, the video Anderson shared on his Facebook story shows the graphic aftermath of a deadly crash that took place on August 2 in Sao Jose dos Pinhais, part of the Curitiba metropolitan region in Paraná, Brazil.

The Curitiba car crash, which involved 16 vehicles, left eight people dead and 22 injured. Anderson pulled a clip from the more than two-minute video posted on The video shows numerous severed body parts and deceased victims sprawled on the highway near the Avenida Rui Barbosa intersection.

At Least 135 People Died in the Beirut Explosion & Anderson Was Called Out for Using the Devastation for Clout

As of August 5, CNN reported that at least 135 people died and thousands were injured after 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded on Tuesday.

The massive blast, which took place at 6:07 p.m. local time near Beirut’s central district, created a huge mushroom cloud and registered as a 3.3 magnitude earthquake. According to witnesses, homes located as far as 6 miles away from the blast site were damaged. “It was a real horror show. I haven’t seen anything like that since the days of the (civil) war,” Marwan Ramadan, a witness, told The Associated Press.

Anderson’s followers who figured out the video he posted was misleading accused the influencer of sharing the extremely graphic clip for attention.

Followers offered their support to Anderson in the comments on numerous of his Facebook photos. One person wrote, “I hope you and your family are ok… sending love to you all over there.” But others shamed him for promoting the gruesome scene.

One person trying to set the record straight commented, “He and his family were nowhere near” the Beirut explosion. “He’s just posting a video from a bad car wreck in Brazil and pretending it was from the explosion… It was horrible and so is what happened to anyone involved, but there’s always people like this punk trying to gain from it somehow.”

Another follower wrote, “He [doesn’t live there]. He’s using the bombing as a way to get attention.”

Montes Anderson Has a Second Facebook Profile Under the Name Anderson Montes

Montes Anderson has a second Facebook page under the name Anderson Montes, where he lists his hometown as Bogota, Columbia, and says he’s in a relationship with A’ndrea G’p.

Under his Montes Anderson profile page, he lists his hometown as Dubai and states that he is single in his “About” section.

The Anderson Montes profile has only 1,715 followers compared with more than 71,000 on the Montes Anderson profile.

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