WATCH: Trump Says Biden’s ‘Gone Further Left than Bernie’s Ever Dreamt’

Trump says Biden is farther left than Bernie.

Getty Trump says Biden is farther left than Sanders.

President Donald Trump claimed in a press conference on Saturday that Joe Biden was controlled by the “Bernie Sanders left-wing” and had moved farther left than Sanders “ever dreamt.” The press briefing introduced Trump’s solutions to the coronavirus stimulus negotiations. He ended the conference by signing executive orders related to the coronavirus pandemic. Read on to watch the moment that Trump talked about Biden and Sanders and learn more about what happened.

Trump Said Biden Is ‘Controlled Now by the Bernie Sanders Left-Wing’

Near the beginning of his press conference on August 8, Trump talked about how he believed that Democrats primarily wanted bailout money while they were negotiating with Republicans over the stimulus package.

“It has nothing to do with the China virus…nothing to do with anything we’ve been talking about…” he said.

Trump went on to say that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer “have chosen to hold this vital assistance hostage on behalf of very extreme partisan demands and the radical left Democrats… Hopefully, we can do something with them at a later date…”

He added: “Many of the far-left policies they’re pushing have nothing to do again with what we have been working on so hard, namely the corona…”

That’s when Trump talked about Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. You can watch the moment in the video below.

Trump started out saying the House stimulus package was an “extreme left bill” that the Democrats were proposing, and added: “This is a bill supported by Biden, and Biden is totally controlled now by the Bernie Sanders left-wing of the party. And in fact he’s gone further left than Bernie Sanders’ ever dreamt of going. So obviously others than Bernie have brought him left. If you look at the manifesto that they’ve agreed to. It’s far further left than I’ve ever heard anything about Bernie Sanders.”

You can watch the full press conference in the video below. Trump started talking about Biden and Sanders around 1:30:15 in the video.

President Trump Holds a News ConferenceBedminster, NJ2020-08-08T17:45:31Z

If the video above doesn’t embed correctly, you can watch it here.

Many of Sanders’ Policies Were Farther Left than Biden’s


Many stances and policies that Sanders advocated have not been picked up by Biden. For example, Sanders wanted nationwide marijuana legalization. The Biden-Sanders’ Unity Task Force’s policy statement in late July ultimately dropped marijuana legalization, Forbes reported. The task force’s policy went with Biden’s stance rather than Sanders’, which is to decriminalize marijuana and support legalization of medical marijuana. Sanders had advocated earlier for legalizing marijuana federally. Pew Research Center has reported that two-thirds of Americans support nationwide legalization.

The DNC ultimately excluded marijuana legalization from its 2020 platform.

Sanders also strongly supported a single-payer Medicare for All system. The Biden-Sanders task force, meanwhile, is pushing for a public option rather than a single-payer system. Biden himself has said that he would veto Medicare for All because of the perceived cost, CNBC reported.

While Biden does champion helping the environment, Biden has not supported a ban on fracking, which Sanders supported, the Washington Post reported.

When Trump said that Biden was farther left than Sanders, it’s not clear exactly what policies he was referring to. He was talking about the stimulus package in general, but he didn’t specify how or why he thought Biden was farther left than Sanders.

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