Jeff Acord, Black Lives Matter Supporter, Streamed His Arrest While Filming Washington Fire

Facebook Jeff Acord's Facebook video.

Jeffrey “Jeff” Acord was arrested in Puyallup, Washington, in suspicion of being connected to a fire that started in Washington. Police said on Twitter that he was caught starting a fire and Acord said he happened upon the fire while looking for a lost camera. He was previously arrested during a Ferguson protest in 2014 and he recently posted on social media about supporting Black Lives Matter, but not supporting looting and hurting local businesses. Acord’s name has gone viral on social media posts claiming he’s a member of “Antifa,” but his posts appear to show Black Lives Matter support, not Antifa specifically.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. He Was Arrested After Filming a Facebook Live Video Where a Fire Had Just Started

On September 9, a 36-year-old man from Puyallup, Washington was arrested on suspicion of starting a fire on SR-167, Q13 Fox reported. Although the article didn’t name him specifically, it did link to a video that Jef Acord posted on Facebook, noting that he was the man arrested and he had been filming live on Facebook before his arrest. In his video, Acord said he happened upon the fire while looking for a lost camera.

You can watch the live video he posted to Facebook below, which was a public video. It has some profanity in it. He posted under the name “Jeff Demologik Acord.”

In the video, Acord is wearing a mask and saying that he just rolled up on the fire. He said that he was there with the police because he had just called the fire in. He zoomed in on the fire during the 39-minute video and said it was growing and crossing the road.


“Oh my god,” he said on the video. “I hope they’re shutting that s*** down dude.”

He said he pulled over to call the fire in, and told the police that he wished he had a fire extinguisher on him when he pulled up. “I’ve put out fires before man,” he could be heard saying, talking about how it was a house fire back then.

“The smallest thing can start a fire,” he said on the video. “…That wind’s not helping right now… It looks like it’s spreading pretty quick, dude. I’m getting concerned… I’m more concerned about the f***** houses right there.”

He said that he was glad he called in the fire when he did, as it might have helped give them extra time to respond early. He later said he lost an expensive camera the day before and was out trying to find it. He told police he was up and down the freeway four or five times that day looking for his camera and had walked four or five miles looking for it.

At one point about 17 minutes into the video, you can here an official saying in the background, “I’ve got lots of concerns about why you’re here today.”

Police had a different story about what happened. Ryan Burke, a Washington State Patrol Trooper, told Fox Q13 that Acord was found in the SR 167 median, after police had talked to him earlier when he was walking on the highway while carrying a lighter.

On Twitter, Burke wrote that a 36-year-old Puyallup resident was “caught in the median on SR-167@Meridian setting a fire!”

About 29 minutes into Acord’s live video, you can hear police questioning him about his lost camera and exactly where he was searching.

Acord is listed in Pierce County, Washington’s website as being booked into Pierce County Corrections on September 10 at 4 a.m. The arresting agency is listed as Puyallup Police Department. The listed charge is “Burglary 2.”

Pierce County

Bellingham Metro News reported that he was being held on a $1,000 bond and was suspected in other possible fires in the area. Before he was transferred to another jail, his charge was listed as “Reckless Burning 2nd Degree.”

2. Acord Was Previously Arrested During the Ferguson Protests, & on His Video He Said It Was Because He Forgot His Gun Was in His Backpack

Around 34 minutes into his Facebook live video, Acord talks about how some people thought he was trying to blow up his car during the Ferguson protests. The officer asks why they thought that.

“Well because the officers there needed a story man…,” Acord responded. “…I was out there to get footage… My girlfriend at the time was like, ‘Hey, you should go out there and shoot some footage.'”

He said that he had also been camping and shooting his guns the weekend before, and he forgot to remove one of his guns from his backpack before going to the protest.

“So I was shooting the weekend before,” he says on the video. “This was on a Monday that it happened. … After I had done my weekend camping trip… I had put my 9 mil back in my backpack loaded… I didn’t have my concealed carry permit, and so I was honest with the cop.”

He said that when the officer asked him if there was anything in his bag, he said he had left his pistol loaded in there by accident. He was arrested for illegally carrying a concealed weapon, and he told the officer that he lost his gun rights for two years over what happened.

“The messed up part was the way it was portrayed in the media,” he said when the officer asked if the messed up part was that he made a mistake. “I was crucified for it.

KOMO News reported in 2014 about what happened to Acord, noting that he had a knife in his backpack, a box of ammunition, an assault rifle, shotgun, and a box of fireworks. The article said that he admitted to police that he had a loaded gun without a permit, and officers had contacted him after he was seen near his car with a road flare. Bail was set for $10,000.

3. He’s a Black Lives Matter Supporter, But Also Posted that He Disagreed with Looting

Acord is open about his support for Black Lives Matter, but there’s no indication that he’s associated with Antifa. In early June, he shared that he was going to be participating in a march in Seattle.

He shared a video of footage he took from one of the protests.

His posts were about Black Lives Matter though, not Antifa. He posted that George Floyd should not have died.

However, he also posted on Facebook that he disagreed with looting and wanted a GoFundMe set up for local business owners.

He wrote: “There needs to be a patroon / go-fund-me acct set up for the local business owners that were looted and affected by last nights looting and rioting.. This sh** is NOT okay.. The message needs to be HEARD not SEEN..” 

4. He’s a DJ

According to his Facebook page, Acord is a DJ and he often makes public posts about his work. On his Instagram page, he describes himself this way: “Seahawks fanatic, truth seeker, Music addict, good times.” His job was affected by COVID-19. In a GoFundMe, he shared that he had lost his gigs and paid work.


In July, he shared on Facebook that he got a job with a food truck and was excited about seeing how the business works from the inside.

5. He Set up a GoFundMe to Help the Local Music Industry


In July, Acord started a GoFundMe for a relief fund to the local music industry. He wrote:

I am a local Artist / DJ / Emcee from the Seattle / Tacoma Area and was affected by Covid like everyone else.. Except I didn’t just lose paid club and music venue gigs that were already scheduled in advance, I lost the INDUSTRY itself. All bars / clubs / music venues / and the entire Festival season GONE. My livelihood has been severely affected by this fact and I do I am asking for the support of my community to help donate and fund my Covid Relief Benefit Fund. It will be utilized to help ensure that this project and vision I have for the locksmith scene and music industry as a whole. So please consider dropping a $5 or whatever amount you are able to help with, to help ease the financial stress, which will help get my son his much needed music instructional class online so he can harness his natural talents and become a very successful artist in the future! Imagine a scene, in a place free from the greed and money-hungry culture vultures that have decimated the entire music industry for over two decades.

The vision:

Create an entirely open-format music scene that survives solely by donations from the people that wish to take back ownership of their music scene.

Provide FREE entertainment for the masses to enjoy the art of music and live performances by PASSIONATE ARTISTS and PERFORMERS.

Proceeds from the funds will go ENTIRELY towards every piece of equipment required for the success of each event!

Full disclosure and accountability will be provided and all records of transactions will be documented and provided after purchases of new (or used) gear are made.

I already own my own laser / LED Projection system / Fog Machine / DMX Lighting Controller and Pioneer DDJ SX2 equipment, along with Novation Bass Station 2 Analog Bass Synthesizer, Native Instruments Maschine MK1 Drum Sequencer / Controller, Novation Impulse Midi Keyboard / Controller, and iMac Pro for a fully immersive and intuitive live PA / DJ performances.

What I need to get this of the ground, successfully – is a full sound system to be able to provide QUALITY SOUND during each Renegade Party / Event!

Also need some Stage Rigging for the lighting to be mounted on and for QUALITY PRESENTATION during each event!!



Who is ready to take back CONTROL of OUR music SCENE and INDUSTRY?!

Lets RAGE together, once again!!

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