Jeffrey Mumper: Indiana Man With Cancer Accused Of Murdering Wife & Children Before Suicide

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Facebook Jeffrey Mumper was a 61-year-old man with cancer accused of killing his wife and two children before turning the gun on himself.

A61-year-old Bloomington, Indiana, man with cancer has been accused of killing his wife and children before killing himself. According to the Associated Press, Jeffrey Mumper, who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, shot his 54-year-old wife Annemarie Greta Simon-Mumper, 26-year-old daughter Emma Mumper and 18-year-old son Jakob Mumper. A family friend found Mumper’s wife around 10:15 a.m on September 6 after she let herself into their home when no one answered the door and proceeded to call 911. Police found the other three bodies after arriving.

“Evidence at the scene indicated that a 61-year-old man shot and killed his 54-year-old wife, his 26-year-old daughter, and his 18-year-old son before shooting himself,” Bloomington Police said in a statement according to Newsday.

Here’s what you need to know:

1.The Motive for the Apparent Murder/Suicide Is Unknown

Coroner’s office releases identities in Bloomington murder-suicide.Coroner’s office releases identities in Bloomington murder-suicide.2020-09-09T00:41:36Z

A Bloomington police captain told Newsday that they are “still trying to determine a motive” for the suspected triple murder and suicide.  The autopsies have been completed but the official cause of death has not been released. Toxicology test results have not been released either.

Mumper had already overcome prostate cancer before being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, WTHR reported.

2. Emma Mumper Was a Doctoral Student


TwitterEmma Mumper was a doctoral student at Stonybrook University.

According to a now-deleted department of psychology page for Stonybrook University, Mumper was a doctoral student there studying clinical psychology and her “research interests include[d] the temperamental and environmental factors that contribute to the etiology of mood and anxiety disorders during childhood.” According to the Lab for Scalable Mental Health, Mumper was “investigating how environmental factors interact with temperament and other individual differences to influence affective and motivational systems underlying internalizing psychopathology, and translating etiological risk factors into treatment targets.”

She received her bachelor of science in psychology from Indiana University according to her LinkedIn. During her time there, she was a teaching assistant in the department Psychological and Brain Sciences department. She was a member of Phi Beta Kappa Society, a prestigious academic honor society according to their website. While studying at Stonybrook,where she also obtained a master’s degree in psychology, she was a member of Graduate Women in Science and Engineering.

During her doctoral studies, she was credited as an author on three research articles titled: “Effects of Maternal Depression and Mother–Child Relationship Quality in Early Childhood on Neural Reactivity to Rejection and Peer Stress in Adolescence: A 9-Year Longitudinal Study,” “Stability and change in emotional processing across development: A 6‐year longitudinal investigation using event‐related potentials” and “A longitudinal examination of event-related potentials sensitive to monetary reward and loss feedback from late childhood to middle adolescence.”  Mumper was also a counselor to “young children and teens to help them overcome anxiety, depression, and trauma at the Child Help Partnership in NYC, Stony Brook Hospital, and the Krasner Psychological Center” according to the family’s obituary.

One of her friends made a tribute video dedicated to Mumper after her death, which you can watch below.

In Memory of Emma Mumper2020-09-08T21:03:17Z

3. Jakob Mumper Was An “Elite” High School Swimmer

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Jakob Mumper was an award-winning swimmer at Bloomington High School North according to the family’s joint obituary. He was also a member of the National Art Honor Society and a Cougar Den Leader. Like his sister, he was also involved in raising awareness about mental health and served as the president of the Bring Change to Mind group, which helped give students a platform to discuss mental health issues.

His swimming coach Max Irwin told WTHR that Mumper was expected to break swimming records at Bloomington High School North this year.

“Those were my records from when I went through,” Irwin said. “So, to have coached someone who’s now better than me, that’s kind of what you really want as a coach. So, it’s a tough loss on so many levels, the athletics being one of the lesser levels for sure.”

4. Mumper’s Wife Had Dreams of Becoming a Teacher

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FacebookAnnemarie Mumper.

Great-Mumper was working as a school bus driver before her death but had hoped to become a teacher.

“His mom was actually trying to become a teacher,” Jakob Mumper’s friend Joe T. Told WTHR. “So, she drove a school bus to become a teacher.”

The obituary listed Greta-Mumper’s long list of college degrees which included: a bachelors of science degree from Purdue University, a master’s degree in health physics from Georgia Technical University, master’s degree in elementary education and another master’s degree in special needs child care development. She was a native of Trenton, New Jersey.

5. Mumper Was Described as a “Kind” Man

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FacebookThe Mumper family.

Despite the allegations against him, family friends had nothing but polite things to say about Jeffrey Mumper.

“Even Jeff (was) a very kind man,” family friend Aubrey Burt told WISH-TV. “This is shocking. It’s unexpected and I just want people to know that they were going through a lot.”

“I felt they were like my second parents, to be honest,” Jakob Mumper’s friend Joe T. told WTHR about the Mumper parents. “I loved his dad.”

The joint obituary for Jakob, Emma and Annemarie doesn’t mention Jeffrey Mumper or any funeral arrangements for him.

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