Marion County Live Evacuation Map for Oregon Fires

Marion County Evacuations

Marion County Marion County Evacuations

Oregon has 36 active fires, with more than 900,000 acres burned in the state. The fires have been so bad that the skies recently turned red. While you should stay tuned to local news for fire updates, it can be helpful to view live evacuation maps for your county. Here’s a look at maps for Marion County, along with where to stay tuned for updates. To see updates on all Oregon fires, see Heavy’s story here.

Marion County Evacuation Map

Marion County, Oregon has posted an official evacuation map here, according to Marion County’s website. You can also see the map embedded below. Areas shaded green are Level 1, shaded yellow are Level 2, and shaded red are Level 3, which means you should leave immediately. You can click on the map and drag it to move it around and show you areas of interest.

Visit the Marion County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook for evacuation updates and fire updates too.

You can also find updates in the following places:

Marion County Fire District #1 is also posting updates, including encouraging news about the Beachie Creek Fire.

The City of Salem reported on Friday: “Weather forecasts are predicting improving firefighting weather today, with highs in the upper 70s today. Conditions on the west end of the fire have calmed. Air quality remains hazardous due to smoke and is expected to do so through Monday. Salem remains outside the evacuation zones. Distance of the fire from Salem city limits, and the topography between the fire and Salem, reduces the likelihood the fire will lead to calls for evacuation in our community.”

On Tuesday, Marion County declared a state of emergency because of the wildfires, KATU 2 reported. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown then invoked the Emergency Conflagration Act to help.

Statewide Maps of Oregon Fires

The maps below aren’t evacuation maps, but can help you track Oregon fires in the state.

Oregon Emergency Management is providing a statewide map of fires here, which you can also view below depending on your browser.

For another view, you can see an interactive map of the Oregon and Washington fires here, provided by You can also see the map below. Just click “OK” to get past the flash screen. Note that due to server traffic, it may take a while for the map below to load.

Another great interactive map is Inciweb’s full map here. Inciweb is “an interagency all-risk incident information management system.” There’s an embeddable Google Map that includes Inciweb fires, which you can see below and also here. Depending on your browser, you may need to zoom into the map below using the + button within the map or go to the “Layers” dropdown box and turn off everything but Wildfire Preparedness and Inciweb Wildfire Information.

Stay tuned to local sources for the latest evacuation updates near you, as wildfire information can change fast.

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