Hurricane Ida: Port Fourchon Videos Show Storm’s Strength at Landfall

NOAA Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida made landfall as a category 4 hurricane near Port Fourchon, Louisiana. Several videos that were live at the time of landfall showed the strength of the hurricane’s winds and rain. Later videos also show the damage from the storm surge as the hurricane moved ashore.

Videos & Streams Showed the Hurricane’s Strength

The National Hurricane Center reported that Hurricane Ida made landfall at 11:55 a.m. Central over Port Fourchon with 150 mph maximum sustained winds.

This video below, shared on Twitter by Fox 8, showed the strength of the wind and waves of the storm in Port Fourchon.

Local webcams near Port Fourchon can be found here, showing the storm making progress over the last 24 hours. The traffic cams in Port Fourchon that were also hosted on that webpage all went dark.

Meteorologist Eric Jeansonne shared this video below sent to them by Tracy Ladnier in Port Fourchon, showing the hurricane as it made landfall.

He later shared this video as the eyewall was hitting Port Fourchon.

This next video was filmed live in the eye of the storm in Port Fourchon by Donald Trahan.

He shared another video when the water was rising.

This next video, shared by Breaking 911, showed video taken hours before landfall in the eye of the storm.

This radar video shows the storm making landfall over Port Fourchon.

Christina Stephens shared a photo of a live feed by the Lady of the Gulf statue in Port Fourchon. The sculpture is 16 feet tall, according to Roadside America. It serves as a memorial for the people who died in the Gulf of Mexico, including the victims of the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

This next video from Houma was shared by Amanda Aguilar of WTOC. Houma is just northwest of Port Fourchon.

This next video is from Leeville, Louisiana, just north of Port Fourchon.

Port Fourchon Is About 2 Hours from New Orleans

According to Google Maps, Port Fourchon is about a two-hour drive from New Orleans. New Orleans is northeast of the city where Hurricane Ida made landfall.

The storm was expected to bring flash flooding, catastrophic winds, and storm surges to parts of Louisiana, CBS Miami reported.

As of 1 p.m. Central, the National Hurricane Center said Ida was moving over southeastern Louisiana at 320 degrees (or northwest) at 13 mph.

This live radar, embedded below, is from You can press the + button on the right side of the map to zoom in more closely. You can also move the map ahead in time to see where the storm is forecast to be headed. Depending on your browser, you might need to click on the map and drag it to see Ida’s current location.

As of 1 p.m., the storm was at 29.2 N, 90.3 W about 55 miles south-southwest of New Orleans. A hurricane warning is in effect for Intracoastal City, Louisiana to the mouth of the Pearl River and Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Maurepas, and metropolitan New Orleans.

The National Hurricane Center noted: “On the forecast track, the center of Ida will move farther inland over southeastern Louisiana this afternoon and tonight. Ida is then forecast to move well inland over portions of Louisiana and western Mississippi Monday and Monday night, and move across the Tennessee Valley on Tuesday.”

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