PHOTOS: Jefferson Gun Outlet Mass Shooting Scene in Metairie, Louisiana

jefferson gun outlet shooting

Google Maps Jefferson Gun Outlet was the scene of a mass shooting.

Jefferson Gun Outlet in Metairie, Louisiana, was the scene of a mass shooting on February 20, 2021. You can see photos and videos from the scene throughout this article.

According to the Associated Press, the sheriff of Jefferson Parish, where the shooting occurred, has reported that three people died in the mass shooting.

The deceased clerk was named Noah Fischbach. Learn about his life here.

noah fischbach

FacebookNoah Fischbach was fatally shot while working at Jefferson Gun Outlet in Metairie, Louisiana, on February 20, 2021.

The suspect was named as Joshua Jamal Williams. Learn more about him here.

According to WDSU-TV, sources in the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office say the shooting broke out after an argument. Three people — including the shooter — died, and two others were injured.

The gun outlet is located in the 6900 block of Airline Drive. The website of the Jefferson Gun Outlet says, “Jefferson Gun Outlet is the premier firearms outlet for the Greater New Orleans Area. We specialize in most brands of Firearms, Reloading Supplies, Safety Equipment, Holsters, Accessories and much much more! Come visit our store at 6719 Airline Dr. in Metairie, LA for all your Firearms needs!”

The website says the gun outlet also has an indoor shooting range.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Argument in the Gun Store Sparked Over a Man’s Loaded, Unholstered Gun, Reports Say

WDSU-TV reporter Shay O’Connor wrote on Twitter that at least one person was dead, but that number later grew to three. The television station also provided the most detailed early account of what happened inside the store, citing law enforcement sources. O’Connor later wrote, “JPSO saying multiple people were shot… at least are 3 dead at this point.”

According to WDSU, an argument broke out between a man who walked into the store with an unholstered, loaded gun and a store clerk who said he could not have his gun unholstered and loaded it until he was inside the shooting range. We now know the clerk was Fischbach, and the shooter was Williams.

At least two customers “engaged the man,” and shots broke out.

According to the television station, the man, two customers, and innocent bystanders were all shot.

The ATF Responded to the Scene

According to, two shields were set up in the parking lot by authorities so the public didn’t see the bodies.

The ATF’s New Orleans office confirmed that it’s on the scene, writing, “@ATFNewOrleans has Special Agents on the scene of a shooting at a store in Metairie, LA. Agents are assisting and working with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.”

The gun outlet’s top post was a meme of a gun with a line drawn through it. “I saw this sign on a local business. Thank God I don’t carry a beretta,” it read. Another recent graphic read: “Gun control. Buying one when you want them all.”

The Facebook page explains, “Jefferson Gun Outlet is a full-service retail firearms store specializing in a large selection of self-defense pistols, shotguns, and rifles. We have a variety of reloading supplies, holsters, and accessories to satisfy the most discriminating shopping list. In addition to our retail operations, Jefferson Gun offers law enforcement officer, agency, and contract sales for Glock, Smith & Wesson, Beretta, and Rock River. We also have a 14 lane shooting range on site with full-auto machine gun rentals available.”

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