[WATCH] Rigby Middle School Shooting: Video From the Scene in Idaho


Police are on the scene at Rigby Middle School in Idaho, where they converged after reports of a shooting.

East Idaho News reported two students and an adult custodian were shot and taken to hospitals. Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson told the news outlet the injuries did not appear to be critical. The suspect was identified as a 6th grade girl who took a handgun from her backpack and opened fire, officials said during a press conference. A teacher disarmed her, and she was taken into custody.

Reporters captured live video from the scene that showed the tense moments in the aftermath of the shooting.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Local Woman Wrote About Her Niece Hearing Gunshots & Running for Her Life

Chante Thornton Hamann wrote on Facebook that she was on the phone with her sister when she got a call on the other line. She returned to the line in tears, saying there was a shooting at Rigby Middle School.

Hamann wrote that her niece was in the classroom when she heard gunshots. The students’ teacher helped them escape, running to the nearby high school.

Her post said:

I was on the phone with my sister this morning when she had a call on the other line. When she got back on the line she was crying and said “shooting at the school I have to let you go”.
Shooting at the Rigby, Idaho middle school. My oldest niece heard the shots. She knew it was gun shots instantly. Her teacher got them out and told them to run to the high school next door. She’s going to be 14 this month. She just experienced running for her life. And she’s not my only niece in that school.
Rigby, Idaho. My Rigby, Idaho. Where I was born and raised. My home town. A school shooting in a building I’ve attended.

Jefferson School District 251 confirmed the shooting to KIFI Local News 8.

“Today we had the worst nightmare a school district could encounter. We had a school shooting here at Rigby Middle School,” Jefferson School District Superintendent Chad Martin said. “What we know so far is the shooter has been apprehended. There is no further threat to the students.”

East Idaho News shared video of students evacuating the building and law enforcement documenting evidence on the scene.

Linda Larsen, a 6th grade student at the school, told reporters she wanted to cry, but instead decided to comfort her classmates.

Reporters on the Scene Shared Live Video in the Moments After the Shooting

KIFI Reporter Rachel Fabbi said in a Facebook video that a 911 call came in at about 9 a.m. to report shots fired at the middle school.

“I can tell you we have a ton of ISP here, I saw ambulances here, everybody is pretty much here responding,” she said shortly after she arrived on the scene.

She noticed a patient being loaded into an ambulance, and turned the camera away from the victim.

Parents and guardians arrived quickly to pick up students, and the families of injured students were notified, she said on the scene.

“Obviously, it’s a very emotional scene right now,” she said. “There’s parents who are on their phones, looking for their kids.”

Students were taken to Rigby High School to be picked up, and those who were not picked up would be bussed home, KIFI reported.

In a later video, Fabbi said that all Rigby Middle School students were taken to the high school auditorium.

“If you have kids who go to Rigby Middle School, you can go there and pick them up,” she said.

Officials hold press conference on shooting at Rigby MiddleJefferson School District Superintendent Chad Martin and Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson are set to release additional details about a shooting that injured two students and a staff member at Rigby Middle School.2021-05-06T22:17:12Z

Her video showed emergency vehicles with flashing lights in front of the middle school. She said she saw a man being taken into an ambulance.

“Obviously it’s still an ongoing and active situation,” she said, adding limited information was available.

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