Rapper Scarface Asking For Kidney Donor on Social Media

scarface kidney donor

Getty Rapper Scarface attends the will.i.am hosted third annual TRANS4M concert benefitting the i.am.angel Foundation at Avalon.

Rapper Scarface has turned to social media to seek help regarding his health issues. The Houston, Texas native posted a tweet on October 7, 2020 asking for a kidney donor.

“I need a kidney y’all any volunteers? B+ blood type,” he tweeted.

Scarface, born Brad Jordan, revealed he had COVID-19 in March, which caused significant damage to his kidneys and caused him to have to do dialysis.

“I fought the COVID double bilateral pneumonia in both lungs and kidney failure in my house,” he said about his battle according to the New York Daily News in April. “I gotta change my entire diet. I gotta do dialysis four times a week, three hours a day. That’s taking all of my blood out, cleaning it, and putting it back in my body. Before the COVID, I never had kidney problems before.”

He added that his symptoms included not being able to keep food down, being uncomfortable, not being able to sleep and having a hard time breathing.

He told Fox 5 DC in June that his lungs were able to recover but he continued to have kidney problems.

“COVID attacked my lungs first, and then it attacked my kidneys and knocked them out. I got full lung recovery, but my kidneys never came back.”

The 49-year-old, who was on dialysis after recovering from the virus, said he thought he wasn’t going to survive his battle with COVID-19.

“I was sick for a whole month… I almost died right here in this bedroom. If you ask my kidney specialist, she will tell you that I’m supposed to be dead. I was supposed to be among the 100,000 that have transitioned. I hate to put it like that but that’s the truth.”

Scarface Was in Danger of Having a Heart Attack & Stroke

In 2016, Scarface revealed that he was forced to change his lifestyle after his doctor told him he was in danger of having a heart attack.

“My doctor told me that I would have a massive heart attack,” Scarface told Black Doctor.  “That along with other stuff that I wanted to be around for and here to see pushed me. I’m doing whatever it takes to lose weight. I think people struggle with their weight because they don’t want to grind.  It’s really a portion control thing and it’s unfortunate that I had to learn it on my deathbed.  I had to learn to eat to live instead of live to eat.”

The “Smile” rapper added that he was at risk for having a stroke and had many other health issues.

“I was at stroke level,” he added. “I had it all: congestive heart failure, malignant high blood pressure, kidney damage, enlarged heart, sleep apnea, borderline diabetic, etc. My life was threatened. So if someone in the street threatens my life, he better make good on it. Because I have to kill him or he’s going to kill me. So I had to kill bad health.”

Due to these health issues, he lost over 100 pounds.

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