Vegan Teacher Banned From TikTok After Thousands Sign Petition

vegan teacher banned from TikTok

Instagram The vegan teacher banned from TikTok.

Kadie Karen Diekmeyer is the vegan teacher banned from TikTok after outraging people who felt she was inappropriately trying to convince people to go vegan.

Diekmeyer went by the TikTok handle @thatveganteacher; she had more than 1.7 million followers on the popular platform. When you search for her page on TikTok, however, it says “page not found.”

More than 19,000 people signed a petition to get the vegan teacher banned from TikTok. The petition alleges that Diekmeyer repeatedly violated TikTok’s community standards. According to a screenshot of TikTok’s explanation, her account has disappeared from TikTok because of alleged community guidelines violations.

“Being a Vegan or Vegetarian is a healthful lifestyle that is a choice for some people. However it isn’t always the best option medically or financially. The Creator known as That Vegan Teacher and That Vegan Teacher _irl has violated multiple community guidelines in various videos, duets and sounds,” the petition claims.

The vegan teacher is still on Instagram and YouTube, though.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some of the Vegan Teacher’s TikTok Videos Are Still Available on Instagram

The vegan teacher is still on Instagram, although her following is a lot smaller there; she has about 19,000 Instagram followers.

Her most recent post is a graphic that says, “You don’t have to love animals in order to understand that they have a right to their freedom, their body integrity, to their families. Be vegan. Start now.”

She shared some of her TikTok videos on Instagram, including one where she is dancing while wearing a T-shirt that reads, “end the animal holocaust.”

According to TikTok fandom, she is from Canada and has a dog who is also vegan. Her critics celebrated on Twitter after news of the TikTok ban spread.

The Petition Alleges That the Vegan Teacher Has Targeted Others on TikTok

The petition makes a series of other claims about Diekmeyer, alleging:

She is a former certificated educator however has no background in veterinary nor human medicine. She has made blatantly racist, bigoted, discriminatory statements against anyone who doesn’t view veganism her way and her way alone. She has promoted multiple films that are dangerous to children given TikToks 13 yr old age requirement and many children under that age access it on a daily basis. These videos show violent depictions of animal slaughter in graphic detail. Her targets have included minors under 18, the LGBTQ+ Community, Person’s with disabilities, people of the black community, various religions and more. Multiple reports have been made against her content yet her platform remains active.

The petition recounts several statements it says Diekmeye made, contending that:

Her statements have included telling a creator with a disability that they would be ‘better’ if they were vegan. That is a dehumanizing and ablest statement. She told a child they were not going to Heaven because they were not Vegan. It’s morally prejudicial to espouse your religious beliefs and condemn a stranger’s child. She blatantly encouraged a 9 yr old to go behind their parents backs to become a vegan. This could have had life altering consequences for this child.

You can read the petition in full here.

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