WATCH: Angry Customer Throws Chairs at Rhode Island Subway Restaurant

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Subway Police are looking for a woman who threw a chair at a Subway restaurant worker.

Investigators in northeastern Rhode Island are asking the public for help identifying a woman who hurled a chair at a Subway restaurant worker because she was upset about her order. A surveillance camera recorded the incident but the footage does not include audio.

The altercation happened on September 18 at the store located at 749 Mineral Spring Avenue in Pawtucket, WJAR-TV reported. The woman also threw a table and more chairs to the ground before leaving the restaurant.

Heavy spoke on the phone with the Subway worker involved in the incident. She did not want her name published for security reasons. The store manager also provided Heavy with additional surveillance camera footage embedded below.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Subway Worker Said the Customers Ordered 3 Sandwiches But Believed She Had Given Them Only 2

Pawtucket RI Subway

SubwayPolice are looking for a woman who threw a chair at a Subway restaurant worker in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

The woman seen in the video entered the Subway restaurant along with a man and a child. The Subway worker explained to Heavy over the phone that she assumed the man was the woman’s boyfriend but she was not sure. There were no other customers in the store at that time.

The trio ordered three sandwiches. The worker said she completed the order and the group left with their food.

A few minutes later, the man returned and claimed they had received only two of their sandwiches. The worker said she believed she had given them all three but agreed to make a new sandwich just in case. The man walked back out of the store, presumably to give the woman the update.

The worker said that during this exchange, several other customers entered the restaurant and formed a line. She said the line had about seven people and she began filling their orders.

The Woman Accused the Subway Worker of Calling Her a Liar

According to the Subway worker, the woman came back inside the restaurant a few minutes later. She accused the employee of calling her a liar. She insisted that the worker had given them only two of the three sandwiches they had ordered. The worker repeated her offer to remake the third sandwich but told the woman she would have to get in line and wait.

The employee explained that the woman next focused her attention on the customer who was at the front of line. The woman accused the customer of “looking at her funny.” The customer denied this accusation and told the woman she didn’t know her.

The Subway worker told the woman she would need to leave and, as she explained to Heavy over the phone, that’s when the situation escalated.

The woman threw a chair in the direction of the employee, hitting the partition that separated workers from customers, as you can see here.

After another brief verbal exchange, the woman walked out the door but returned a few seconds later. The woman tossed three more chairs and a table onto the floor as the other customers stood still and watched. See that footage here. The woman also ripped signs off the front door, which included coronavirus-related information.

The worker told Heavy she was more shocked than scared during the incident. “You don’t get that mad over something like that. It’s just a sandwich.”

The Woman Could Face Charges for Assault & Disorderly Conduct

The Pawtucket Police Department released a photo of the suspect from the Subway store on Facebook and has asked the public for help identifying her. The department wrote on the post that the woman had “hurled a chair in the direction of an employee” because she was “dissatisfied with the service received at a local establishment.”

Anyone with information was asked to contact Detective Gould at 401-727-9100 ext.723 or at

Detective Sgt. Christopher Lefort confirmed to Heavy the woman could face charges of assault and/or disorderly conduct for the incident. According to Rhode Island’s legal code, a person convicted of disorderly conduct faces a maximum punishment of up to six months behind bars and/or a $500 fine. A charge of Simple Assault is punishable by up to one year behind bars and a fine of up to $1,000.

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