What Happens on December 3? TikTok ‘Heather’ Trend Explained

what happens on december 3rd

TikTok What happens on December 3rd?

What happens on December 3? That’s what a lot of TikTok users are wondering as the date goes viral. But what does it mean?

Previously, there was a TikTok trend centered around the date August 27. However, videos this time are focusing on the term December 3.

According to HITC.com, the answer is a song. Specifically, the song Heather by Conan Gray, which people are playing in the background of a lot of the December 3 videos on TikTok. HITC explains that calling someone a “Heather” is a way of saying they’re like a popular girl in a movie.

Specifically, the Heather refers to the 1988 movie, Heathers, according to the Sun.

To understand the significance of the December 3 date, you have to go back to the song lyrics.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Song Mentions the Date December 3rd & Is About a Crush Liking Someone Else More

Conan Gray – Heather (Official Music Video)Official music video by Conan Gray performing "Heather” Conan's debut album "Kid Krow" available everywhere now: ConanGray.lnk.to/KidKrow Connect with Conan: instagram.com/conangray twitter.com/conangray facebook.com/conangrayofficial conangray.com Video directed by Dillon Matthew & Conan Gray Video produced by Dillon Matthew, Conan Gray and Kendall Mayo Video edited by Dillon Matthew Color grading by Garrett Seamans Direction assistance by…2020-08-20T16:00:00Z

What do the lyrics say? The song starts with that date. It begins:

I still remember third of December
Me in your sweater, you said it looked better
On me, than it did you, only if you knew
How much I liked you, but I watch your eyes

The lyrics also contain the line, “You gave her your sweater.” It’s about a woman whose man is entranced by a woman named Heather, who looks “brighter than the blue sky” when she walks by.

Billboard explains that the song is about your crush liking someone else more. In other words, the woman in the song is upset because the guy she likes is entranced by someone else walking by – Heather, who is presented as a female ideal.

What does December 3rd mean TikTok? What's so special about December 3? ExplanationLet’s talk about what's December 3rd on TikTok! This day is special, especially for girls, according to what people on TikTok say. It’s not a national day of something, not a professional holiday or something like that, it’s different, I would say. If you check Urban Dictionary, you’ll find out that December 3rd is a…2020-12-03T06:01:34Z

Transfer that into a TikTok trend, and it’s about people hoping that their crush will love them and give them a sweater, at least figuratively speaking. People may be planning to celebrate December 3 different ways – by giving a sweater to their crush or just hoping that their crush falls in love with them.

People Embraced the Trend in Different Ways

@lee._jaeeit isn’t polyester tho it’s cotton :&lt ##GiftOfGame ##HappyHolidays ##CashAppInBio ##december3 ##viral ##sweater

♬ Heather – Conan Gray

Here are some things people wrote on TikTok when embracing the trend.

“2 more days before the 4rd of December does anyone wanna take my sweater.”

“If you didn’t fall in love in October you still have 3rd of December.” That TikTok video has been viewed more than 1.8 million times.

@elahum##3rdofdecember ##heather ##christmas ##fypシ

♬ Heather – 60 second sounds🦋

On TikTok, some people feel others are not getting the point of the song; it’s not a love song in the sense that the protagonist in it is not the first choice of her crush. Heather is. That’s a sad ending, not a happy one.

Some other TikTok comments on the trend include:

“third of December is kind of a sad day tho.”

“did y’all actually listen to the song.”

“This song ain’t about getting into a relationship.”

“Currently crying cuz it’s never going to happen.”

“That’s when my ex broke up with me.”

“Third of December is when my social studies project is due.”

“3rd of December was the first time we hung out. I met him in October.”

“This song is about being a second choice tho.”

“The whole month of December makes me sad.”

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