Top 10 Best Golf Gifts for Men

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If you have a golfer on your holiday shopping list, we’ve got you covered with the best deals on items ranging from clubs to tees, and from the biggest presents to the smallest stocking-stuffers.

The items include clubs and equipment for serious golfers and stocking stuffers for those just getting started.

Here’s Heavy’s list of the best gifts for golfers this holiday season:

1. 16-Piece Golf Set by Primemeadow

Golf clubs

The set includes a bag with an integrated kick stand and contains a 10.5-degree driver with a graphite shaft; a 15-degree fairway 3-wood with a graphite shaft; a 21-degree hybrid; stainless steel 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 irons; a pitching wedge; and a putter.

The clubs are durable and affordable, making them a good choice for casual or semi-serious golfers. The bag has also gotten good reviews. It has a comfortable strap and plenty of pockets, providing ample room for balls, tees, extra clothes and other belongings.

These clubs are not top-of-the-line, and if the golfer on your shopping list golfs competitively, you’ll want to spend a bit more on quality. But for golfers who play casually with friends or even those who take the game seriously but are looking for a bargain, the set is a good option.

Price: $169.95 new or $147.86 used

Buy the Primemeadow golf set or read consumer reviews here.

2. Primemeadow Men’s PGX Putter


The putter has gotten excellent reviews from both casual and competitive golfers, and comes at a fairly affordable price. Players have reported being happy with the white finish, which provides a contrast against the green and has helped with alignment. The 380g mallet putter is “tour weighted” to optimize use on faster greens. The club ships with a custom PGX headcover. A couple Amazon users have expressed mild concerns. Among them: That the shaft feels a bit flimsy and may not be durable, and that the ball “bounces” off the face of the putter rather than rolling. But the putter has overwhelmingly positive reviews and finding a better one for a cheaper price would be hard to do.

Price: $39.95

Buy the Primemeadow PGX putter or read consumer reviews here.

3. Jef World of Golf Collapsable Chipping Net

chipping net

The chipping net features three baskets and converts from a 23-inch diameter to a 7-inch diameter, saving space when collapsed. It’s gotten good reviews for durability and is easy to set up and put away, making it a an effective and convenient gift for anyone looking to work on their chipping in the yard or garage.

Price: $18.35

Buy the Jef World of Golf collapsible net or read consumer reviews here.

4. Calloway Golf Trunk Organizer

Calloway golf trunk locker

The trunk locker is 19 x 15 x 6.5 inches and includes three storage compartments with rigid wall dividers, providing room for shoes, shirts and other items, along with pockets suitable for balls, tees and smaller personal items. The locker is slightly more expensive than some similar products, but users have had fewer complains than they’ve had about trunk lockers made by Samsonite and Jef World of Golf. The biggest upside to the Calloway organizer is that the barriers between compartments are sturdier than they are in the Samsonite organizer. The Jef World of Golf organizer also has mostly good reviews, but users have complained that the case has fewer pockets than the product listing indicates.

Price: 49.99

Buy the Calloway golf trunk organizer or read consumer reviews here.

5. EZ Drinker Toilet Golf

toilet golf

The toilet golf set is an ideal gag gift and a popular item at Yankee Swaps. It comes with a mat, a putter, three balls and a hole. As a handful of users have pointed out, it does not come with a toilet despite the picture on the box and accompanying the product listing on Amazon. The only complaints users have had have been about the felt, which is made of flimsy material and isn’t particularly sturdy. But if you’re looking for an inexpensive gag gift, this is a good fit.

Price: $15.99

Buy the EZ Drinker toilet golf set or read consumer reviews here.

6. ‘Why You Suck at Golf: 50 Most Common Mistakes by Recreational Golfers’

Why You Suck at Golf

Written by Clive Scarff, a golf pro who’s been writing about the sport since the mid 90s, the book has a helpful series of tips that covers both the physical (fixing faulty swing mechanics) and the mental (getting in a better mindset by showing up early enough for a tee time.)

The book has good reviews on Amazon from golfers who are happy with its simplicity. Here’s one of them:

Being an ardent golfer, I have read many books about golf, mostly written by the pros. Almost every pro has, at one time, written a book about his golf game. Although most of these “instruction books”, if I may call them that, are very good and the pros are obviously masters in their field, some of them can get very complicated and hard to understand. One can easily get lost in the small details. What is needed is a simple booklet, that explains the most common mistake in golf, in easy, layman’s terms.

Price: $7.63 for paperback; $2.99 for Kindle version

Buy ‘Why You Suck at Golf’ or read consumer reviews here.

7. ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid Golf Shoe

golf shoe

The shoe is imported from Europe and has a rubber sole, automatically shaped insole unit and molded traction bars aimed to give golfers traction without spikes. It’s gotten good reviews from golfers who have wanted to switch away from traditional spikes while still having enough traction.

The lack of spikes allows players to wear them inside without damaging floors or the shoes themselves, and eliminates the hassle of having to periodically change spikes. Most users have also raved about how comfortable the shoes are and compared them favorably to those made by American brands like Nike and Calloway.

The shoe is available in gray with lime green laces or mahogany with “fire” orange laces. If you’re OK with the bright colors, the shoe is a good purchase. And even if you’re not, you can always replace the laces with something more modest.

Price: $94.96-$148.16

Buy the ECO men’s Biom hybrid golf shoe or read consumer reviews here.

8. SKLZ Accelerator Pro Ball Return Putting Mat

Putting mat

The mat is 9 feet long and has an uphill grade designed to train golfers to put 18 inches past the hole. It also has alignment guides and a ball return feature designed for easy use in an office, bedroom or garage. Users have been pleased with the alignment guides and the easy setup. One user reported that the ball return feature was inconsistent, but had good things to say otherwise.

Price: $39.98

Buy the SKLZ Accelerator ball return putting mat or read consumer reviews here.

9. PrideSports Cooler Bag


The bag holds up to 12 cans along with ice. It comes with a shoulder strap, a no-leak liner and three accessory pockets, along with tee slots and ball holder in the front. Users have pointed out that it’s small enough to fit neatly into the back of a golf cart and fairly discrete. One user reported having taken the cooler on 30 rounds and said it’s held up very nicely.

Price: $21.99

Buy the PridesSports cooler bag or read consumer reviews here.

10. Nudie Naked Lady Golf Tees

nudie tees

The nudie tees make for a good gag gift or low-cost stocking stuffer, and aside from being good for a laugh, Amazon reviews suggest they’re pretty good, sturdy tees that golfers will put to good use. There is, however, one major drawback: People have complained that rather than arriving as advertised in a cleverly labeled tube, they’ve been shipped in a small plastic bag, making it hard for the person receiving the gift to tell what they are without a closer inspection.

Price: $7.95-$23.16

Buy the nudie golf tees or read consumer reviews here.