WWE Latest News, Rumors, Spoilers & Predictions

The WWE is on the road to Battleground, just over three weeks from now live on the WWE Network.

Here are this week’s latest WWE rumors and spoilers.

Disclaimer: The following rumors are a compilation of WWE related news stories and speculation that circulated around the internet from the previous week. Each rumor should be taken as that, just a rumor, and nothing concrete or factual given the nature of WWE and the industry. All plans are always subject to change based on circumstances.

Dolph Ziggler Signs New Contract Extension With WWE

There were rumors circulating over the last few weeks that Dolph Ziggler may be leaving WWE. All of them? Gross exaggerations.

In fact, Ziggler signed a contract extension with WWE a few weeks ago. He even made a mockery of the rumors in an Instagram post before a live comedy set he did last week.

Potential Beast in the East & Battleground Spoilers

According to Wrestlezone.com:

WZ has learned that Finn Balor is in line to defeat current NXT Champion Kevin Owens on July 4th’s “Beast In The East” Live Event in Tokyo, Japan, which will be shown live on the WWE Network.

Furthermore, this lines up with the news that we broke a few days ago as Kevin Owens is slated to become the new United States Champion by defeating John Cena at either WWE Battleground or SummerSlam.

In addition,

Officials have been discussing the idea of Owens defeating John Cena for the title, and having their feud culminate at SummerSlam this year


The Rock, simply, is the best.

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