Broncos vs Panthers: Super Bowl 50 Spread & Odds, Feb. 4



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Super Bowl 50 is just three days away. It’s estimated that 80 to 90 percent of the bets for the Big Game won’t come in until the weekend, but we are already seeing a little bit of movement in the odds.

Here’s a look at the latest betting info for Sunday’s battle between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers:

Super Bowl 50 Betting Info, Feb. 4

Spread: Carolina (-6)

Moneyline: Carolina (-200), Denver (+170)

Over/Under: 45

Broncos Bets Rolling In

Just a day ago, there was talk about how heavily bettors were leaning on the Panthers, who are giving up six points:

Now, it seems those trends are beginning to reverse:

The spread, via OddsShark, still hasn’t moved from Carolina minus-six, but the moneyline has moved slightly, with the Panthers going from (-210) to (-200) and the Broncos moving from (+175) to (+170). It’s not a huge move, but it’s an indication that there is indeed some big money being placed on the Broncos.

As the majority of bets roll in over the weekend, it will be intriguing to see if the spread moves either direction. The Broncos, who have lost only one game this season by more than seven points, are a compelling bet at plus-six, and we’ll have to wait to see if the late action reflects that.