Sasha Banks, ‘The Boss’ Best Moments: The Pictures You Need to See

Sasha Banks prides herself on being "The Boss" whenever she steps into the ring and there's a good reason for the WWE Diva to seize that moniker. After all, she certainly dresses like a boss. Banks is, consistently, one of the most fashion-forward stars on the entire WWE circuit and she has a major hand in making sure each aspect of her in-ring look is up to par. She's also more than willing to brag a bit about how good her outfits look. And, well, who can really blame her? She looks like a champion. Or, at least, someone going after a championship. After her surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble, Banks has thrown her name into the metaphorical ring for the Divas championship race, taking on both Charlotte and Becky Lynch and showcasing, not only an impressive arsenal of looks, but moves that have her sitting as a top contender for the belt. Click through the gallery to read up on Banks' in-ring looks and how she's always certain she looks like a boss. (Instagram)




Honestly,sasha is no fit for roman reigns. Let her go for dean sure they look good together.

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