WWE WrestleMania 32: Reactions & Review

Match of the Night

Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks!

Final Verdict

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WrestleMania 32 was a mixed bag. The pre-show matches were forgettable, but the show truly started getting rolling when it officially began. The 7-man ladder match was amazing and the unexpected winner of it all gave us a beautiful ending to reminisce about. AJ vs. Jericho was given the time it needed to be incredible and it proved to be just that. The New Day vs. The League of Nations gave us our 1st ‘Mania moment of the night with the return of three Hall of Famers. Ambrose vs. Lesnar was good, but felt like it was cut short before it entered into another gear.

The dawn of a new Women’s division was marked by our Match of the Night – Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks. The Hell in a Cell was an intense encounter that told the most emotional tale of the evening. The Rock and John Cena’s meeting with The Wyatt Family and the spectacle of the battle royal provided some fun segments. But the main event was a letdown. It was good, but not the legendary match you’d expect WrestleMania to end on. Come back for the Divas triple threat, the ladder match, AJ/Y2J, the Hell in a Cell and Ambrose/Lesnar. WrestleMania 32 officially started on a good note, but ended on a ho-hum one.

Final Score: 3 & a Half out of 5 Stars

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