WWE WrestleMania 32: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

It took forever and a day to get to this moment. But we’ve finally arrived at the Road to WWE WrestleMania’s end point – Arlington, Texas.

Tonight is the night that we all witness history-making moments, great matches and bonafide Superstars making their first WrestleMania moments happen. Will Roman Reigns pull off the big win over HHH and capture the title? Is this the last time we’ll see The Undertaker make his presence known at WrestleMania? Will we see new a Intercontinental, Divas and United States champion? All these questions will be answered this evening. Come hang out with us during the Kickoff Show and stay right after to see all the results/highlights from ‘Mania 32.

Once this show eventually gets underway (check out the links below to find out when), we’ll have everything here you need to know.

Kalisto (c) vs. Ryback (WWE United States Championship)

WrestleMania 32

Winner: And still the US Champion, Kalisto!

Highlights: Kalisto hit the ramp in some new purple and gold gear with a new Dragon-esque mask. Not to be outdone, Ryback broke out some new gear as well (he made sure to bring out his new weightlifting belt). After the big introductions, Ryback stepped right to Kalisto. Kalisto locked in a quick headlock on Ryback, but Ryback quickly powered him down. Kalisto hit him with some elbow strikes and tried to throw him out the ring, but Ryback shoved him outside instead. When Kalisto re-entered the ring, Ryback shoulder shoved him to the mat. Kalisto ended up in the ring corner and managed to come off the top rope with a top-rope bulldog. On the outside, Ryback got put down with another high-flying move from Kalisto. This pissed off the big guy, who proceeded to launch Kalisto into the guard barrier several times.

Ryback threw Kalisto back into the ring. At first, Kalisto kicked at his bigger foe. But when Kalisto ran at Ryback, Ryback launched him high into the air and slammed him down hard. Ryback used his brute force to further beat down his much smaller opponent. Kalisto’s leg kicks seemed to do nothing but annoy Ryback all the while. Ryback landed a huge sitting Powerslam on Kalisto at one point. When Kalisto ended up on the ring apron, he cracked Ryback with an Enzuguri. Both men ended up on the top rope. Ryback held him for a big Superplex for a good while, but Kalisto countered and fell on top of him. Ryback quickly got back to his feet and landed his Meat Heat lariat. When Ryback went for his Shell Shock finisher, Kalisto countered him with a Tornado DDT.

Kalisto eventually got back into the fight with his comeback offense. After a nice series of moves, Ryback finally put his smaller foe down with a stiff Spinebuster. Ryback ended up eating the loss though when he ran head first into an exposed corner ring pad. Kalisto took advantage of this moment to drop Ryback with his Salida Del Sol finisher.

The Total Divas (Brie Bella, Paige, Natalya, Alicia Fox and Eva Marie) vs. B.A.D. & Blonde (Naomi, Tamina, Lana, Emma and Summer Rae) (10-Diva Tag Team Match)

Wrestlemania 32

Winners: The Total Divas (Brie Bella, Paige, Natalya, Alicia Fox and Eva Marie)!

Highlights: Fox and Alicia started things off with a lockup. Fox got in some stiff elbow strikes and a few kicks to Rae’s side. Rae got into a suplex counter exchange with Fox, which ended with Fox eating a DDT and almost a pin. Fox got back into the match with a spinning backbreaker on Rae afterwards. Once these opening moments came to a close, both teams got into the ring for some back and forth shouting. When we returned to the match, Paige and Emma began going at it. Emma landed a nice German Suplex to her former NXT rival. Emma began working over Paige in her team’s corner. Lana finally got tagged in for her official in-ring debut. She landed two devastating kicks to Paige and even mocked Brie with “YES!” chants. Once Tamina got tagged in, she landed a nice Snap Suplex on Paige and then locked her into a tight submission hold.

Paige fought hard to get back to her feet. Tamina stuffed her in the corner, which led to Naomi joining her. Natalya helped stop whatever was about to happen to Paige. All three women ended up on the outside, which led to Paige flying off the top rope and landing on on them all. Lana yelled at her teammates to get back in the match right after. Tamina helped stop Paige from tagging out, which then led to Emma working on her once again. Paige fought back though and slammed Paige’s head into the bottom turnbuckle. Once Paige finally tagged in Brie, Brie went crazy with her comeback offense on Naomi. Soon, all the Divas busted out their finishing moves on each other. It was pure pandemonium after each Diva got dropped. Brie and Naomi were the last women standing after all that madness concluded. Naomi caught Brie with a side leg kick, but missed her Split-Legged Moonsault attempt.

Brie looked to capitalize, but Lana pushed her off the top rope. Naomi almost locked in another move, but Brie got the submission victory when she locked in the YES! Lock. Afterwards, Nikki Bella came out to celebrate with her sister and her team.

The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley)

WrestleMania 32

Winner: The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso)!

Highlights: The Usos broke out their usual Samoan dance routine, while The Dudleyz brought the house down with their fireworks display. As soon as the bell rang, both teams landed punches on each other. The Dudleyz got the quick advantage though after they dropped one of The Usos with a double Flapjack. Buh Buh kept control of Jimmy with his punch combo, but was unable to finish his last punch after eating a Superkick. Buh Buh tagged in D-Von, but a hot and fresh Jey went to work on him. Buh Buh stopped his comeback with a scoop slam, which led into Jey getting caught with a headbutt to the nether regions. The Dudleyz called for the tables, but dual Superkicks put them down. The Dudleyz eventually got back to their feet and landed their reverse neckbreaker combo. When they went for a 3D, Buh Buh got shoved out of the ring. D-Von took the L for his team after getting dropped with another Superkick. After the bell rang, The Dudley continued to beat down The Usos. They brought out the tables, but The Usos superkicked ’em before they got put through ’em. The Usos then went sky high and slammed through The Dudleyz with splashes through the tables.


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Kevin Owens (c) vs. Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder vs. Sin Cara vs. The Miz vs. Stardust (7-man Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship)

WrestleMania 32

Winner: And the new WWE Intercontinental Champion, Zack Ryder!

Highlights: As soon as the match started, every man went to grab a ladder. Owens stayed in the ring to have an intense battle with Zayn. They struck each other for a bit before Ziggler hit Zayn in the back with a ladder. Soon, everyone else landed some big moves on the ladders within the ring. Cara ate a big neckbreaker via Ryder onto one, for instance. Miz looked to climb the ladder early, but Zayn and Ziggler put him down. Zayn ended his short alliance with Ziggler and dropped him with a Blue Thunder Bomb. When Zayn went for a ladder, Owens stopped him by backdropping him right onto one. Owens turned right around into a Ruff Ryder from Ryder. Ryder and Ziggler battled at the top of a ladder, but Stardust knocked them both off. Stardust and Cara even had a ladder battle, but both men ended up outside the ring. Zayn shocked the crowd by landing a plancha through the ladder onto several men and then landing his Tornado DDT through the ring post on Owens.

Zayn tried to climb the ladder, but Cara cut him off. Cara then went to to the do the same, but Zayn pushed him off. Cara called an audible by bouncing off the rope and landing on everyone on the outside. Ziggler pulled Zayn outside and dropped him with a Superkick. Stardust and Miz ate two more Superkicks from him, too. Then Cara got one for good measure. Ryder got catapulted right onto a ladder and then ate another Superkick. When Owens hit the ring, both him and Ziggler took each other out with Superkicks. Stardust brought the crowd to its feet when he unveiled his ladder tribute to Dusty Rhodes. Stardust hit several men with it, but Miz stopped his offense with a Skull Crushing Finale. Then Owens stopped him with a nice neckbreaker maneuver. Zayn came back to life and went straight for Owens. He went for his big kick finisher, but Owens stopped Zayn and then landed a Frog Splash on him while he was atop the ladder.

Owens went back to getting a ladder. Miz stopped him for just a little bit, but he ended up getting dropped with a Pop-Up Powerbomb. Ryder climbed up a ladder and did the unthinkable – he landed a big flying elbow drop to Miz from the ladder. Ryder went to climb the ladder, but Ziggler climbed up to meet him at the top. Ziggler sacrificed himself by hitting a Facebuster on Ryder off the ladder. Ziggler got himself back on the ladder, but Owens grabbed his bad leg and slammed him down with a Pop-Up Powerbomb. Then Owens got dropped himself with Stardust’s Queen’s Crossbow. Cara then threw Stardust onto a ladder, fought with Zayn, ascended it and splashed Stardust right through another one. Back inside the ring, Owens and Zayn fought atop a ladder for the title. Zayn got shoved off and then suplexed Owens atop a nearby ladder. Miz stopped Zayn from winning afterwards, though. Miz then made his climb, but Ryder shoved him off. Ryder wins!

AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho

WrestleMania 32

Winner: Chris Jericho!

Highlights: Both men got into a drag out lockup exchange while the crowd chanted for the both of them. Jericho landed a shoulder tackle on AJ and proceeded to taunt the crowd. AJ countered him by kipping up and sending him down with a Hurricanrana. AJ then clotheslined Y2J out of the ring. Y2Y grew upset as he walked around the ring. AJ gave chase and eventually got him back into the ring. Both men exchanged some armdrags that then led into AJ dropkicking Jericho off the ring apron. AJ went to land a big splash to him outside the ring, but he ended up getting caught with a dropkick as he came down. Y2J then hit a nice neckbreaker on AJ right onto the ropes. Back in the ring, Y2J landed his top rope elbow on AJ. Jericho then handled AJ with a suplex and his cocky pin. Y2J locked him into a sleeper hold, but AJ quickly got back to his feet. But when AJ ran back into Y2J, Jericho locked him into a Dragon Sleeper. AJ got back to his feet once again and landed his comeback strike combo and a running flying elbow.

AJ remained in control for a bit, but Jericho eventually found a way to lock him into his Walls of Jericho. AJ didn’t remain in it for long though. He grabbed the bottom rope, then caught Y2J with his Stylin’ DDT. AJ went to hit Y2J in the ring corner, but he caught a boot for his troubles. AJ then shoved Jericho into the next ring corner, splashed his back, pulled him to the top rope and looked to land another big move. Jericho stopped him, but AJ grabbed him and put him face first onto the mat with a top-rope Gordbuster. Back on the mat, AJ almost grabbed the quick pin. When Y2J escaped, he almost got hit with a Pele but he grabbed AJ’s leg and locked in the Walls of Jericho a 2nd time. AJ escaped the submission again and then locked in his Calf Crusher. Jericho looked to tap, but he escaped and almost pinned AJ.

AJ hit his strikes again, but Jericho fought out of the last finishing clothesline. Jericho almost found himself getting hit with a Styles Clash, but he escaped it. AJ left the ring and almost hit his finishing flying forearm smash, but Jericho cut him down with a Codebreaker. AJ almost lost, but he got back to his feet. Y2J tried to use AJ’s Styles Clash against him, but AJ escaped it and dropped him with a face first slam. Y2J managed to survive it, though. After a crazy exchange, AJ finally landed his Styles Clash. Y2J still kicked out. Both men, looking spent, exchanged forearm strikes while the crowd went crazy. AJ got the better of it, but he ate Jericho’s two front boots afterwards. Jericho went for a Lionsault, but got caught with AJ’s knees.

AJ then landed his Springboard 450 Splash, but Y2J survived it. AJ then landed a big Brainbuster on Jericho and went for his big forearm once again. AJ went airborne, but Y2J pushed the ref to confuse AJ. AJ then found himself on the receiving end of another Codebreaker. Jericho then got the winning 1-2-3.

The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods) vs. The League of Nations (King Barrett, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Rusev) (3-on-4 Handicap Match)

WrestleMania 32

Winners: The League of Nations (King Barrett, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Rusev) (3-on-4 Handicap Match)!

Highlights: A massive box of Booty’O’s cereal gave way to The New Day making their entrance in DragonBall Z Saiyan armor. Kofi and Sheamus got the match underway. Sheamus got put down pretty quickly by Kofi’s flying elbow strike. The New Day pulled off their corner stampede special. Xavier gave the the crowd his beautiful horn playing, of course. Sheamus recovered quickly and dropped Xavier with a Running Powerslam. Rusev and ADR eventually got in some offense on Xavier. Rio even dropped Xavier witH a quick, devastating DDT. Xavier almost got in a hot tag after landing two forearms on Rio, but Rio put a stop to his tag attempt. Rio then landed his corner running Enzuguri, then tagged in Sheamus to help keep Xavier grounded. Sheamus landed his his big chest punches on Xavier and then finished it off with a running Senton slam. Rusev got into the ring and then squashed Xavier with one of his own. Rio returned into the ring and landed some top-rope punches on a an even more weakened Xavier.

But then Xavier saved himself by launching Rio over the top rope behind him. Sheamus got tagged in, but he got dropped on his head with a Tornado DDT. Kofi was the man to get the hot tag after Big E got Superkicked by Rusev on the outside. Kofi used his legs to strike members of The League. Kofi almost hit his Trouble in Paradise, but Sheamus grabbed him and got some aid from Rusev with a Superkick. Xavier saved his partner from almost getting pinned, which led to Big E finally entering the fray. After doling out some suplexes, Big E speared three members of The League through the middle rope. Xavier helped land his double foot stomp move onto Sheamus with Big E’s help. Afterwards, Rio did the same to Kofi on the outside. The finish came when Barrett landed his Bull Hammer strike on Xavier, which led to Sheamus finishing him with a Brogue Kick.

Afterwards, Barrett took the mic to speak to rub their team’s win in. All of a sudden, HBK, Mick Foley (dressed as Cactus Jack) and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin came out. They headed to the ring for a war with The League. The New Day helped even the odds, while those three WWE Legends beat down the rest of the international stable. Mick brought out Mr. Socko and stuffed it into Sheamus’ mouth, HBK gave Rio Sweet Chin Music and Austin handed Rusev a Stunner. Barrett got all three finishers when he got thrown into the ring by The New Day. After all that post-match goodness, everyone danced to The New Day’s theme. Austin got into it for a little bi, but he shut down all the fun when he landed a Stunner on Xavier. Afterwards, Austin had a Beer Bash with his fellow Hall of Famers.


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Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) (No Holds Barred Street Fight)

WrestleMania 32

Winner: Brock Lesnar!

Highlights: Paul Heyman introduced his massive beast. As soon as the match began, Lesnar took Ambrose to “Suplex City.” Ambrose ended up outside the ring, but he quickly picked up a Kendo Stick and struck Lesnar several times. This offensive moment didn’t last too long since Lesnar shrugged off the damage and went right back to suplexing Ambrose. Lesnar broke his Kendo Stick and continued his assault while Heyman laughed on the outside. Ambrose finally got back into the fight after low blowing Lesnar and cracking his back with another Kendo Stick. Ambrose then launched himself onto Lesnar with a middle-rope plancha. Then Ambrose pulled out his gift from Terry Funk – a chainsaw! Lesnar saw fit to stop Ambrose with another suplex, though. Lesnar looked to grab Ambrose, but Ambrose cracked him over the head with an nearby piece of equipment. Ambrose then used a steel chair to destroy Lesnar’s back with several strikes.

Back in the ring, Ambrose headed to the top rope but Lesnar used his scary speed to hop up there with him and bring him back down with another suplex. Ambrose ended up on the outside once again. Lesnar went to retrieve him, but Ambrose caught him off guard with a fire extinguisher steam. Ambrose then used another steel chair as he struck Lesnar with it, then dropkicked it right into Lesnar’s face. Ambrose kept Lesnar down and out as he landed on him with another steel chair off the top rope. Ambrose then went crazy and threw a multitude of steel chairs in the ring. Lesnar ended up suplexing Ambrose halfway across the ring, but he landed back first on the steel chairs behind him. Lesnar then looked to end this fight with an F5, but Ambrose countered him with a DDT onto the steel chairs. Lesnar managed to survive, though.

Ambrose then brought out Mick Foley’s gift – a barbed wire baseball bat. He went to hit Lesnar with it, but Ambrose then suplexed him onto a pile of steel chairs. Lesnar finally finished Ambrose by landing an F5 on him through some steel chairs.

Charlotte (c) (with Ric Flair) vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks (Triple Threat Match for the WWE Divas Championship)

WrestleMania 32

Winner: And still the Divas Champion and NEW Women’s Champion, Charlotte!

Highlights: Snoop Dogg helped mark the arrival of his cousin Sasha Banks with a special rendition of her theme song. Banks wore an outfit dedicated to Eddie Guerrero, Becky Lynch came out in some dope steampunk gear and Charlotte wore a robe similar to her father’s WrestleMania 24 gear. All three women squared off as the match began. Banks and Lynch struck Charlotte down, then both women got in a pinning exchange. Charlotte then got involved, which then led to Becky getting a big boot from Charlotte. When Banks and Charlotte got into it, Banks pulled off a nice hurricanrana on Charlotte. Becky came back into the ring, landed a big German Suplex on Charlotte and almost got pinned by Banks. The action got even more hectic as Charlotte suplexed Banks onto the middle rope, which was followed by Becky landing a big forearm on Charlotte on the outside.

Back in the ring, Becky used a nice Reverse DDT to injure Charlotte and her arm all in one move. Becky hopped to the top rope for another big move, but Charlotte stopped her and dropped her back first onto her shoulder. Charlotte then focused her offense on Becky’s back. When Banks returned to the match, she almost landed her double knee strike combo on her foes. But Becky launched her over the top rope before she could. Becky almost made Charlotte tap out when she locked her into the Dis-Arm-Her. Charlotte fought for dear life as she remained locked in. Charlotte escaped and then locked in her Figure Fur Leglock on Becky. Banks stopped Charlotte soon after with a big Frog Splash. Banks got in some good offense once again, but Becky went suplex crazy when she got her hands on her and Charlotte.

Banks and Becky got into a grappling contest soon after. Banks landed her double knee strike to Becky in the corner and went for another big move. Banks ended up launching herself right onto Charlotte outside the ring when she dodged Becky’s grasp. Ric got in Banks’ face with some Woo’s, but he ended up getting hit when Becky landed on top of him with an outside plancha. Amidst all this chaos, Charlotte came off the top rope with a huge Moonsault to both women on the outside. She then hit a double Natural Selection finisher on both women, but was unable to get the winning pin. Charlotte went to powerbomb Banks, but Banks ended up on top of Charlotte’s head. Becky dropkicked both women, then locked in her Dis-Arm-Her hold for a 2nd time. Banks then ran in and locked in her Banks Statement on Becky. Becky remained locked in, but then Charlotte ran in to lock in her Figure Eight submission hold on Banks. Banks rolled over and almost escaped, but Charlotte kept her locked in. Becky grabbed Banks to the ropes to break up the hold.

Soon all three women got into a chopping/punching contest. When every woman got to their feet, Charlotte speared Banks then Becky pulled Charlotte up to the top rope. Banks joined both women on the top rope and then landed some shots of her own on Charlotte. Banks ended up getting hung up on the rope when Becky landed a Super Fisherman Suplex on Charlotte. Becky went to grab Banks, but Banks landed another Banks Statement. Charlotte made the save once again, threw out Banks and made Becky tap out to her Figure Eight submission while her father held onto Banks.

Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker (Hell in a Cell Match; if Shane wins, he will get control of Raw. If The Undertaker loses, he will be barred from competing at WrestleMania ever again)

WrestleMania 32

Winner: The Undertaker!

Highlights: Shane O’Mac arrived with his three sons in tow and put on an entertaining entrance shuffle while money rained from the sky. And of course, The Undertake marked his entrance with a slow crawl and his usual creepy ambience. Once the cell’s door closed, Shane avoided Taker’s grasp as he threw quick punches and sharp kicks to his leg. Taker shook off his strikes and finally managed to land some big strikes on Shane. Shane got in some extra punches as Taker left the ring and came back in, but Taker put him right back down with more punches. Taker landed his Snake Eyes on Shane into the corner and went for his big boot, but Shane caught him off guard with a desperation flying elbow. Taker quickly shook off the damage done to him and threw Shane into the cell outside the ring. While Taker picked up some steel ring steps, Shane returned to the ring. Taker tried to head back in, but Shane landed some quick strikes to his head on the ring apron. Taker got his hands on Shane again though and pulled him outside for more punishment. Taker then proceeded to land a leg drop while Shane laid across the ring apron.

Then Taker took Shane for a ride as he planted him with a Last Ride. Shane kicked out of the proceeding pin attempt, to the shock of the crowd. Taker grabbed another set of steel ring steps but as he grabbed Shane, he got locked into a surprise Triangle lock. Shane kept his head locked in for a while and further weakened “The Deadman.” After Shane escaped a pin attempt from Taker’s submission counter, Shane went right back to kicking Taker. However, this offensive spree didn’t last long. Taker grabbed Shane and Chokeslammed him right onto the steel steps. Shane survived the following pin attempt. When Taker went for a big running elbow drop, he landed right on the steel steps when Shane moved out of the way. Taker then ran into a jumping DDT onto those same steel steps. Shane landed a running elbow drop of his own, but it did nothing but anger Taker and force him to prop up. Taker then locked Shane into his Hell’s Gate submission. Shane remained locked in for a long time while the ref checked on him. Then Shane shocked everyone by turning Taker’s Hell’s Gate into a Sharpshooter. Shane had him locked in for a while himself before Taker shoved him off.

In the ring corner, Shane struck Taker with a flurry of punches. While Taker was grounded, Shane grabbed a steel garbage can from under the ring. He stuck it right in Taker’s face and went to the top rope to his his big dropkick. He actually managed to go “Coast to Coast” and slam the can right into Taker’s stomach. Somehow, Taker kicked out of Shane’s next pin attempt. Shane then got desperate and looked to use a set of pliers to break open the cage. When Taker came outside the ring to stop Shane, both men exchanged some stiff punches. Taker then picked up Shane and ran through one of the cell’s walls. This broke down the wall and created an opening for both men to exit through. Taker then began clearing off an announce table while Shane got back to his feet. Taker used a monitor to beat down Shane some more, plus he cleared off another announce table.

Both men fought into the crowd, which Taker got the better of. Taker planted Shane on top of a nearby platform and got ready to deliver something big. Taker went for his Tombstone but Shane reversed it and locked in a Sleeper Hold. Shane held on for dear life, but he got driven through an announce table when Taker threw himself through it with while Shane held on. After a few moments, Shane picked up a nearby toolbox and smashed it over Taker’s head. Shane hit him with it again and managed to force Taker to lay across another announce table. Before Shane could climb to the top of the cell, Shane used a TV monitor to further incapacitate Taker. Shane climbed all the way to the top of the cell while the crowd watched in awe. Then Shane pulled off the holy shit moment of the night – he went to land a big elbow drop off the cell! However, Taker moved out of the way at the last second and Shane crashed right through the announce table.

While Shane remained laid out, Taker finally fought back to his feet. Shane grabbed onto Taker as he fought to climb back to his feet. Shane begged for more punishment and Taker was more than happy to give it to him. Taker carried Shane back into the ring as the crowd remained in a hushed silence. Taker taunted Shane, Shane taunted him right back, Taker patted the side of Shane’s face and then the end came when Taker Tombstone’d Shane. Once Taker left the ring and headed backstage, medical officials came out and tended to an injured Shane. The crowd applauded Shane’s efforts as he was carted away from the ring.

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The 3rd Annual André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (20-man Battle Royal for the André the Giant Memorial Trophy)

WrestleMania 32

Winner: Baron Corbin!

Highlights: A surprise entrant in the form of Diamond Dallas Page showed up to compete. The rest of the match’s participants also came out to crowd up in the ring. Shaquille O-Neal then arrived (backed by Desiigner’s “Panda”). He stepped right to Big Show, then Kane went next to the both of them. Shaq and Show then landed a double chokeslam to Kane. The match then got underway as every man began brawling. Both giants ended up clearing the ring and shoving everyone underneath the rope. They then forced Fandango and Damian Sandow over the top rope. When both giants ended up choking each other, the rest of the pack came into to eliminate them.

The match got underway once again. Tatanka and Baron Corbin was even spotted competing. Viktor ended up getting eliminated after a Diamond Cutter. Konnor then got rid of DDP, but the very same thing happened to him when R-Truth and Goldust shoved him over the top rope. Corbin shoved Tatanka out while he was in the middle of beating down Adam Rose. Kane got rid of Jack Swagger. R-Truth’s showboating didn’t do him any good since the Social Outcasts eliminated him. Goldust ended up receiving the same fate. Kane got rid of Curtis Axel, Corbin got rid of Rose and Kane fed Corbin a chokeslam. Then Mark Henry threw Heath Slater outside the ring. He also managed to eliminate the pretty boy Tyler Breeze. Kane and Darren Young then forced Henry outside the ring. Kane then got rid of Darren and Bo Dallas. Then Baron Corbin got the sneaky victory by eliminating Kane and winning the trophy.


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Triple H (c) vs. Roman Reigns (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

WrestleMania 32

Winner: And the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns!

Highlights: Stephanie McMahon marked the arrival of “The King of Kings” with a powerful speech. HHH walked through a sea of men who held replica versions of his championship title. Roman Reigns arrived to nothing but a chorus of boos. He slammed his fist into the ground for his big fireworks filled entrance. Once this main event got underway, HHH got in a side headlock takedown on Reigns. HHH clowned Reigns as he held him within his grasp. Reigns took HHH down with a shoulder tackle, but then he ended up getting thrown over the top rope by HHH during an armdrag exchange. Back in the ring, HHH got ahold of Reign’s arm and went to work on it. Reigns laid in a quick strike to get HHH of of him, which was followed up by Reigns taunting HHH with a “SUCK IT!” sign. Both men then got in each other’s faces for an intense staredown. After both men slapped each other, they locked up once again. Reigns and HHH struck each other for a while, but HHH got the better of this exchange by clubbing Reigns to the back of his neck two times. HHH continued to work on Reigns’ neck, but Reigns began fighting back. He landed a two big clotheslines on HHH and then dropped his neck over the corner ring ropes. Reigns then followed that up with his Drive-By sliding apron dropkick. Reigns continued being the aggressor by clotheslining him in the ring corner.

Stephanie soon distracted the ref and aided HHH by allowing him to low low Reigns. HHH continued beating down Reigns by targeting his lower extremities and his recently repaired nose. Reigns tried to fight back, but his comeback was all for naught once HHH dropped him with a Spinebuster. HHH took Reigns to the outside and bashed his head off the announce table countless times. Reigns blocked on of his attempts and then did the same to HHH. HHH kicked Reigns in the gut and then proceeded to fling him across the announce table. Both men landed strikes on each other while Reigns sat atop the announce table. HHH took him right off by landing a neckbreaker right down to the mat. Reigns caught nothing but repeated kicks and a flying knee drop to the back of the head while he was strung between the middle rope. HHH then suplexed Reigns’ gut onto the ring ropes. HHH went up top for another big move, but Reigns punched him while he was midair.

Reigns climbed back into the ring and soon began beating down HHH. Reigns made his comeback for a bit, but a quick HHH boot stopped him. Reigns shook off the damage done by that boot and brought HHH to the mat with a Samoan Drop. Reigns signaled for his Superman Punch, but HHH rolled out of the way. Reigns left the ring and jumped off the steel ring steps with a flying clothesline on HHH. Reigns then kept beating down HHH on the outside as he threw him into the steel ring steps. HHH managed to throw Reigns into the same steel steps and right over the announce table. HHH was by his lonesome for a bit, then suddenly Reigns Speared HHH right through the ringside barricade. Reigns dragged HHH’s prone body right back into the ring and helped break the ref’s count.

Reigns went for another Superman Punch, but HHH countered him by locking his arm in a submission hold. Stephanie taunted Reigns as HHH held his arm in a truly painful position. Reigns soon broke out of the hold and struck HHH, but HHH continued to hold on to his arm lock. Reigns dead lifted HHH and almost pinned him with a Sitdown Powerbomb. Afterwards, HHH locked in another armbar. But Reigns hit him with another Sitdown Powerbomb. Reigns then looked to land another Spear, but HHH booted him and almost landed a Pedigree. Reigns fought out of the hold and threw him over the top rope. HHH struck Reigns in the nose after Reigns ran at him and almost hit another big move. Reigns cut him down with a quick Spear. Stephanie interrupted the 3-count, though. She paid for it when Reigns inadvertently Speared her! But right after that, HHH finally hit a Pedigree on Reigns. Reigns kicked out, though!

The match continued as Reigns bounced back from a knee strike and knocked HHH down with a Superman Punch. Reigns went for another Spear but HHH cut him off with his jumping knee strike. On the outside, Steph managed to get back to her feet and give HHH his sledgehammer. Reigns fed two Superman Punches afterwards and a final Spear to become the champion. A big celebratory fireworks display followed as Reigns showed off his newly won title.


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Best Non-Match Moments/Highlights

• WWE Hall of Famer Lita spoke to the live audience about the most noteworthy women who once competed in the WWE. She showed some respect to the current Divas and spoke on their WrestleMania 32 bouts for the evening. Lita announced that the winner of tonight’s triple-threat Divas Championship match will receive the new Women’s Championship title.

• The all-female singing group Fifth Harmony opened the show with their rendition of “America the Beautiful.”

• A preview video for the the upcoming slate of content for the WWE Network was shown.

• WWE WrestleMania 33 was announced as emanating from Orlando, Florida on April 2, 2017.

• A commercial was shown for the newest WWE Network series, Camp WWE (which premieres on May 1st).

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