March Madness Bracket Names: The 10 Best Funny Bracket Names 2017

According to ESPN, an estimated 70 million brackets will be filled out this year amount to $10.4 billion (an average of $29 per bracket) that will be wagered on brackets alone during the NCAA Tournament. Anyone that has worked in a traditional office setting knows that productivity comes to a screeching halt the week of the tournament. The beginning of the week starts with co-workers deciding who is going to set up the bracket pool. If this you, check out Heavy's recommendation on the best websites to host your bracket pool. This leads to the middle of the week where workers agonize over their bracket picks so they can talk trash to Joey in accounting. Finally, Thursday and Friday is when everyone pretends to work while having the March Madness live stream on one of the tabs of your internet browser. There is even a "boss button" that pulls up a spreadsheet to cover the game you are watching in case your boss comes to your desk unannounced. WalletHub estimates $4 billion is lost during March Madness. While this number seems on the extreme side, the point is it's March and everyone has caught the fever for more college basketball. Besides, March Madness can help bring co-workers together over the shared misery of watching your bracket go down in flames on the first day of the tournament. What is the point of having great bracket picks without an awesome name for your entry. Heavy is here to not only help you win your bracket pool but to do so with style. Some of our team names are funny while others make fun of Duke. Just kidding, Duke fans. We have some pro-Duke team names, too. Click the arrow on the right side of the above image to see Heavy's rankings for the best March Madness bracket names. (Getty)

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