Dana Lambert, Jae Crowder’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Boston Celtics foreward Jae Crowder, who is playing against the Washington Wizards in the NBA playoffs, is dating Dana Lambert. The couple have a daughter named Jada.

Crowder has been a member of the Celtics since 2014. He was picked in the second round of the 2012 draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers, but the Cavs then traded him to the Dallas Mavericks. Crowder was traded again in 2014, this time to Boston. He played in 72 games this past season, averaging 13.9 points per game.

Here’s what you need to know about Lambert.

1. In 2016, She Was Arrested for Allegedly Spitting on a Woman at the Staples Center

In 2016, TMZ reported that Lambert was arrested for simple battery after she allegedly spit on another woman at the Staples Center, during a game between the Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers.

Law enforcement sources told the site that Lambert got into an argument with a woman she had a “long-standing beef” with. Things escalated and Lambert spit on the woman, according to TMZ’s sources. The other woman called security and asked for a “citizen’s arrest.” They did so and LAPD officers later took Lambert into custody. Lambert was released on $20,000 bail.

2. Lambert Reportedly Took Control of Crowder’s Instagram Page to Post a Photo of His Alleged Mistress

Back in August 2015, The New York Post reported that Lambert took control of Crowder’s Instagram page and then posted a photo of his alleged mistress. Busted Coverage posted a screenshot of the image before it was deleted.

In a caption typed in all-capital letters, Lambert accused the woman of being a home wrecker and a “former drug dealer” who “has abandoned her child trying to come up off athletes.”

The woman, an Instagram celebrity named “Just_Tokyo,” later tweeted in response, “People are so caught up into rumors (lies) that they miss the bigger picture.”

Crowder ended up completely deleting that Instagram page. And despite all that, Crowder and Lambert appear to still be a couple. Lambert continues to post photos of herself rooting for the Celtics. As recently as 11 weeks ago, she posted photos of herself with Crowder.

3. She Founded the Blog Backboard Baby to Share Stories From Moms


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Lambert, along with Shawn Marion’s ex-girlfriend Jennifer Christenson, are the founders of Backboard Baby, a platform for mothers to share their stories.

“Our mission for BackBoardBaby.com is to offer a platform where mothers’ around the world can share their stories- joys, stresses, tears, jokes- and collaborate with tips and developing wisdom as we figure out exactly why our own mother’s said, ‘Mom knows best,'” the site reads. “Now, it is your turn to say it and share it… And to also learn from other moms, and our featured celebrity guest bloggers. All Moms’ have a story to tell and their version of ‘the truth’ of what it is like to be pregnant, deliver a baby, and raise a child.”

Lambert posted her most recent essay in April 2017, titled “Be True to Yourself.”

“Each day that you wake up remember that yesterday is gone and today you have another chance,” Lambert wrote. “So as the sun shines into your bedroom in the morning open your mind not only your eyes and make a decision at that moment that today I will do my best to remain true to myself.”

4. Lambert Was Derrick Rose’s Girlfriend Before Dating Crowder

Jada said "Green Runs DEEP mommy!" .. in that case throw ya C's up 💚☘️

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Before dating Crowder, Lambert was with Derrick Rose when she was in high school. She’s mentioned in a 2007 Chicago Tribune profile on Rose. The Chicago native had a promising career with the Bulls until knee injuries kept him from playing. He now plays for the New York Knicks.

While Lambert dated Rose, her twin sister Donna dated Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan’s son.

“At first I couldn’t tell the twins apart,” Rose told the Tribune at the time. “They could’ve traded places on a date and fooled me. Through the twins, I’ve gotten to know Marcus and his older brother Jeff. The twins really know Michael and his family well.”

5. Crowder Hosted a Princess Birthday Party for Jada in 2016

In October 2016, Crowder held a princess birthday party for Jada, who turned 3 years old. As ESPN notes, the party also acted as a team-building exercise for the Celtics, as other members of the team showed up dressed as Disney characters.

Crowder told ESPN that he frequently has Celtics rookies over at his house to get to know them and build chemistry on and off the court.

“It’s more than basketball. We’re trying to build a brotherhood. Trying to be there for one another,” Crowder told ESPN. “I think it makes the game much easier to play once you have a good cohesion off the court. I think that’s big because you come into a locker room at the NBA level, there’s so much emotion, so much pride in the locker room. Off the court, we’ve never had that problem. We just always come together and be brothers, be there for one another. And it helps players unite with one another.”

Crowder also says that his daughter with Lambert will soon understand how cool it was to have grown men dress up to be at her party.

“She’s trying to figure out what we do,” Crowder told ESPN. “She’ll say, ‘Daddy, why you taking pictures with people when we go out? Why are you signing this?’ She’s trying to figure it out. It’s kind of cool to see that stage of her trying to figure out what an NBA player is.”

A 2016 Boston Globe profile of Crowder reports that the 26-year-old and Lambert live in Weston, Massachusetts during the season and lives in Miami during the off-season.

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She is the messiest person in the world !!!!! All he does is cheat on her lmaooo. She is pathetic and stupid . She can’t fool anyone she can’t be happy

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