Jena Sims, Brooks Koepka’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brooks Koepka girlfriend

(Instagram/jenamsims) Brooks Koepka's girlfriend, Jena Sims.

Brooks Koepka and his girlfriend, Jena Sims, became a hot topic last summer. As Koepka was being driven to the clubhouse after the 2017 U.S. Open to sign his championship-winning final scorecard, Fox Sports’ Joe Buck announced that Koepka was seated next to his girlfriend, Becky Edwards. As it turns out, Koepka and Edwards had broken up. The woman he was sitting next to Brooks was his new sweetheart, Sims. And based on social media photos, it seems the two are still going strong today.

On March 18, Jena posted an Instagram of Brooks with the caption, “Casino night… Big Deal ? ♠️♥️ @bkoepka.”

Here’s what you need to know about  Jena Sims.

1. She Is an Actress and Has Worked With A-Listers Like Morgan Freeman

Sims is an actress, and has held supporting roles in films alongside Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro, and Kevin Kline.

In 2014, she played Quail’s girlfriend in the film Kill the Messenger starring Jeremy Renner, Ray Liotta, Andy Garcia, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Speaking to AXS ahead of the movie’s release, Sims was asked what drew her to the script. She said, “Jeremy Renner was producing it, so I already knew it was going to be special. It’s also through Focus Features who have cranked out a lot of Oscar-worthy films. I wanted to be a part of a really profound, meaningful project.”

On the small screen, Jena has appeared in shows like Entourage, Dexter, Vampire Diaries, CSI, and One Tree Hill.

Speaking to Starburst Magazine in 2012, the actress explained that when she was little, she used to watch soap operas with her mom. She went to Super Soap Weekend in Orlando one weekend, where she met Susan Lucci. “She was so graceful, charismatic, and beautiful – I will never forget that! I knew I wanted to be like her one day.” In wasn’t until 2009 that she moved to Los Angeles to focus solely on her career.

2018 has been a busy year for Sims. She has been involved in five new projects, including Midnight to Midnight, The Price for Silence, Tales of Frankenstein, Beneath the Leaves and Fury of the Fist and the Golden Fleece.

2. She Was Miss Georgia Teen 2007

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Raindrop, crop top ??

A post shared by Jena Sims (@jenamsims) on Apr 18, 2017 at 7:54am PDT

Sims won the Miss Georgia Junior National Teenager title in 2004, and the Miss Junior National Title in 2005. One year later, she was crowned Miss Georgia Teen 2007. Unfortunately, she did not place in the Miss Teen USA 2007 competition in Pasadena, California.

Sims has six years of cheerleading experience and 15 years of dance training under her belt. She had to undergo extensive training for her role in Attack of the 50 Ft. Cheerleader, and tells Starburst Magazine, “My co-star and myself went through vigorous fight training by our coordinator, who happened to be one of the original Ninja Turtles! He taught us kung fu moves mixed with cheerleading that we now call Cheer-Fu! All of the cheers and dances you see me do in the film were learned about 10 minutes before the cameras started rolling.”

3. She Has Over 83k Instagram Followers

Sims has a huge Instagram following, with over 83k followers. On Twitter, she’s raked in over 8k fans. Her Twitter bio reads, “Actress whose passion is making children facing challenges feel beautiful since 06. Once visited Cuba legally. Sharknado 5 coming 8/6 on Syfy!”

Most recently, the actress posted a photo from Erin Hills, celebrating with Koepka.

Since her appearance on TV last summer, Jena’s Instagram following has grown to 93.2k followers.

4. She Studied International Business at Belmont University

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Sims graduated from Winder-Barrow High School in 2007. She went on to study International Business at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2008, Belmont University’s local magazine wrote an article about Jena, as she’d just recently been featured in Woman’s World Magazine. Check out the piece here.

A portion of her bio on her company’s website reads, “I have been an actress now for 6 years, and truly believe in giving back. It has been an honor to travel with my former queens touching so many lives across the states and internationally. It is an event that’s very touching to the contestants as well as the volunteers.”

5. She Founded the Charity ‘Pageant of Hope’

The Winder, Georgia, native is the head of an internationally award-winning non-profit organization called “Pageants of Hope”, which gives children facing challenges the chance to escape the hospital life and celebrate inner-beauty, crowning everyone Prince or Princesses.

She founded the organization when she was sixteen, and says she owes the inspiration for the organization to the way competing made her feel. “… that winning feeling I had been given was such an amazing experience. It gave me the idea to give kids that same feeling. I created The Pageant of Hope to give kids with challenges and disabilities (who would not normally compete in pageants) a self-esteem boost. It gives them that winning feeling and makes them feel like a Prince or Princess for a day.”

The organization’s goal is to “raise awareness and support in giving children and teenagers who face serious challenges the opportunity to shine and be celebrated for who they are.”

For her work with Pageants of Hope, Sims has received 10 national community service awards and volunteers across the world.

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