Kerwynn Williams Belongs on Your Fantasy Radar Now

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Kerwynn Williams stole a touchdown against Detroit while David Johnson dealt with an injury.

David Johnson hurt his wrist. On the next play, he fumbled. You do the math.

The consensus number one overall fantasy pick took a beating against the Lions on opening day. He wasn’t alone, as the Lions beat the Cardinals 35-23, but he was one of the few that was forced out of the game with an injury. Johnson took a big shot while catching a pass in the third quarter, and after the game was diagnosed with a wrist sprain. He finished the day with 11 carries for 23 yards.

When Johnson went out, Williams immediately came in and found the endzone:

A fourth-year back out of Utah State, Williams has only touched the ball 103 times in four professional seasons.

You can’t make all the moves on waivers this week. Between Tarik Cohen, Golloday or Williams, it can be difficult to decide who to add. Williams may not jump out like the other candidates, but if Johnson’s injury forces him to miss time he will instantly become a large part of the offense.

The vertical style of the Cardinals mandate they keep a consistent running game, and Johnson is a big reason why they can be so successful. In standard or PPR, Williams is a player that has huge potential on your bench. If Johnson is out, the volume alone makes Williams worthy of a flex play.

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