NFL Power Rankings Week 4

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Getty The Bills pulled off an impressive win in Atlanta.

The NFL is a week to week game, a saying that proved to be true yet again this week. The Kansas City Chiefs head into their Monday Night Football matchup with the Chiefs as the only undefeated team remaining. The Bills pulled off an impressive upset on the road over the Falcons to skyrocket up our latest power rankings.

Heavy has a simple philosophy when it comes to power rankings. The more you win the higher you are going to be ranked. While we do try to take into consideration who each team has played, we do not base our rankings on reputation.

We now have a sample size of a month’s worth of games. We would rather base our rankings on those games, not on who teams were expected to be at the beginning of the season. You may see teams like the Bills higher in our rankings than on some other sites, while under-performing brand name teams like the Patriots are penalized for average play to start the season.

With that in mind, here’s a look at Heavy’s latest NFL power rankings.

NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Falcons Loss Leaves Chiefs as Only Undefeated Team

NO. TEAM Previous
1 Kansas City Chiefs (3-0) 1
2 Green Bay Packers  (3-1) 5
3 Denver Broncos (3-1) 6
4 Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1) 7
5 Buffalo Bills (3-1) 15
6 Atlanta Falcons (3-1) 2
7 L.A. Rams (3-1) 5
8 Carolina Panthers (3-1) 14
9 Philadelphia Eagles (3-1) 12
10 New England Patriots (2-2) 3
11 Detroit Lions (3-1) 10
12 Oakland Raiders (2-2) 9
13 Washington Redskins (2-1) 8
14 Dallas Cowboys (2-2) 13
15 Tampa Bay Bucs (2-1) 17
16 Tennessee Titans (2-2) 4
17 Seattle Seahawks (2-2) 20
18 Houston Texans (2-2) 23
19 Minnesota Vikings (2-2) 11
20 Arizona Cardinals (2-2) 20
21 Baltimore Ravens (2-2) 19
22 New Orleans Saints (2-2) 24
23 New York Jets (2-2) 27
24 Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2) 18
25 Miami Dolphins (1-2) 22
26 Cincinnati Bengals (1-3) 31
27 Indianapolis Colts (1-3) 26
28 Chicago Bears (1-3) 25
29 New York Giants (0-4) 28
30 San Francisco 49ers (0-4) 30
31 Cleveland Browns (0-4) 29
32 L.A. Chargers (0-4) 32

In the most surprising win of the week, the Panthers defeated the Patriots to leave New England sitting at 2-2. Carolina has not always won pretty this season, but the Panthers are now 3-1. The Rams got a massive road win against the Cowboys.Los Angeles used a second half comeback to stun the Cowboys, powered by Greg Zuerlein’s seven field goals. The Broncos, Packers and Steelers all held steady with victories.

As we look ahead to Week 5, here are a few games to keep your eye on featuring some of the best teams in the league. New England will look to bounce back on Thursday Night Football with a matchup against Tampa Bay.

The Lions host the Panthers in an NFC matchup featuring two 3-1 teams. The Seahawks square off with the Rams. Dallas hosts Green Bay as they look to avenge last season’s narrow playoff defeat. Finally, the Texans host the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football.

There Are 4 Winless Teams Remaining

Meanwhile, at the other end of the rankings there are four teams who are still looking for their first win. The Browns, Giants, 49ers and Chargers are all winless. You could argue the race for Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen is on, but only one or two of these teams are in need of a quarterback.

The Giants are by far the most shocking of the group. New York was thought to be one of the favorites for the NFC East, but the Giants continue to lose close contests as they search for their first win.

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