WATCH: Alexa Bliss Cashes In Money in the Bank Contract

Alexa Bliss Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss shocked the world when she decided to cash-in her Money in the Bank contract in the middle of the Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey match.

After taking a beating from Jax, Rousey appeared as though she had gained the upper hand. She got Jax in an armbar, which the former was unable to combat, but before Rousey was able to pin her, Bliss came out of nowhere and hit both women with her Money in the Bank briefcase. The referee called for the bell but Alexa continued to drive Rousey into the ring post.

She threw Rousey over the announcers table and hit Jax in the same arm that was injured by Rousey with the armbar a few times. There was a brief moment of confusion as to whether Bliss would actually cash in her contract, but she ultimately decided to do so and handed the case off the referee before turning her attention to Jax.

Bliss kicked Jax in the leg and got her down with a DDT. She climbed to the top rope for the Twisted Bliss and pinned Jax for the win. This is the fifth time that Bliss has been a Women’s Champion. Check out the full list of winners for Money in the Bank 2018 below.

Bliss teased her plans to cash her Money in the Bank contract earlier in the broadcast. “My plan was to win Money in the Bank and become Miss Money in the Bank”, she said backstage, “because I have some unfinished business to take care of. I kinda have a little idea of my own.” Check out the interview below.

Given that Bliss is close friends with Jax, as evidenced by the WWE reality series Total Divas, and the fact that Rousey is one of the sport’s most bankable names, it is all but guaranteed that Bliss is going to have some interesting storylines with both wrestlers.

Bliss won the women’s ladder match earlier in the evening, in what proved to be a polarizing victory for fans. Some felt that Bliss was deserving in her game plan of staying back and letting the other wrestlers do the work, while others criticized her for being pushed too heavily by the WWE, when peers and fan favorites like Ember Moon and Becky Lynch have yet to win any major titles.

“I’m so over Alexa Bliss man, can’t wrestle and a boring promo, Nia should have retained”, wrote one user, while another listed Bliss’ accolades and tweeted that she was a “virtual lock for the WWE Hall of Fame” after winning.