Report: Cowboys-Seahawks Potential Earl Thomas Trade ‘Isn’t Dead’

Earl Thomas

Getty Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas

While the Dallas Cowboys previously upped their trade offer for safety Earl Thomas, the Seattle Seahawks still refused to budge. As ESPN’s Adam Schefter revealed, the Cowboys offered a second-round pick for Thomas and then opted to back out when it was declined.

Shortly after, Thomas revealed on Instagram that he would be returning to the Seahawks and ending his holdout. Obviously, the All-Pro safety wasn’t happy, but he was on back on the field for Seattle in Week 1 and has played in each game to this point in the season.

On the surface, it would seem that was the end of the drama surrounding a potential Cowboys-Seahawks deal centered on Thomas, but that may not be the case. As David Moore of the Dallas Morning News revealed, the back-and-forth isn’t quite over.

“They believe the closer Seattle gets to the trading deadline with a disgruntled star who won’t be back next season, the more conciliatory the Seahawks will become in their demands.” Moore writes.

“A deal between the Cowboys and Seahawks isn’t dead.

“It’s just about to go into triple overtime.” he concluded.

Update: Cowboys ‘Want to Revisit’ Earl Thomas Trade Talks

As’s Ian Rapoport revealed, the Cowboys want to re-open trade talks with the Seahawks as the two teams are meeting in Week 3.

As things stand, Thomas would be a free agent after this season, and it’s all but a foregone conclusion he’ll leave town. So, a potential deal around the trade deadline would make sense but may depend on how well the team is doing at the time. As Spotrac shows, Thomas has a base salary of $8.5 million this season, and if the Seahawks are winning, there’s little chance they’d send him packing.

If the two sides do wait it out, the question then becomes what Seattle would realistically get in exchange for Thomas, who could potentially be a half-year rental. Time will tell, but for now, Thomas will remain in Seattle.

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Problem here is Seattle (which has cap space) does not want to resign Thomas. There is no team I am aware that has ever poached a player under the non-exclusive franchise tag. The idea that market value is 2 first round picks when no other team has offered even 1 pick is folly.

Seattle needs to decide whether losing a 2nd round pick is worth keeping Thomas for a year. Its a game of chicken.


A non-exclusive franchise tag would mean Earl would be automatically given a new deal with Seattle for around $11.2 M, based on the position group figures for 2018, or to try and get an offer sheet from Dallas. If Dallas signs him to an offer sheet, Seattle has the option to match it and retain him. And here’s what it’s all about: If Seattle doesn’t match the offer, Dallas must give up TWO FIRST-ROUND PICKS as compensation in order to steal Earl. And they want him for a second?

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