Donovan Mitchell Comforts Mourning Family After Win Against Celtics

Donovan Mitchell

Getty Donovan Mitchell

The Utah Jazz got a big win against prodigal son Gordon Hayward and the Boston Celtics last night in Salt Lake City, and Hayward’s return dominated headlines.

But a more subtle win happened after the game when Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell spent some time with a certain family, shaking hands and chatting with a mother and her seven children, signing anything that was given to him, and seeming to be in no rush at all.

At first it just seemed like Donovan being Donovan–and it was–but it soon came to light that the family wasn’t just another set of fans. They are the family of Major Brent Taylor, the mayor of North Ogden Utah who was killed this past week in Afghanistan.

Taylor, 39, died last Saturday in an insider attack just days after posting a heartfelt plea to American voters in the midst of a heated midterm election.

“It was beautiful to see over 4 million Afghan men and women brave threats and deadly attacks to vote in Afghanistan’s first parliamentary elections in eight years,” he wrote. “Many American, NATO allies, and Afghan troops have died to make moments like this possible.”

He then commented on the current state of the USA in a heartfelt plea to Americans gearing up to vote.

“As the USA gets ready to vote in our own election next week, I hope everyone back home exercises their precious right to vote,” he wrote. “And that whether the Republicans or the Democrats win, that we all remember that we have far more as Americans that unites us than divides us. God Bless America. ??️??”

Major Brent Taylor

GettyNOVEMBER 06: Armed forces carry a transfer case for fallen service member, Major Brent R. Taylor.

Major Taylor leaves behind a wife and seven children, all under the age of 14.

Donovan Quietly Wins Over the NBA

SLC Dunk’s Twitter was the first to comment on Mitchell’s act of kindness, and if you watch the video closely you can see a young girl to the left, Major Taylor’s daughter, barely stifling tears as the NBA star patiently chats with them and signs their hats.

According to one fan, Mitchell was also shooting around with the family on the court before tipoff.

It’s not even close to the first time last year’s Rookie of the Year runner-up has shown such class and kindness. He’s been known to pay for people’s groceries, iPhone repairs, and a few weeks ago wore shoes dedicated to Lauren McCluskey, a University of Utah student-athlete who was killed in a campus shooting.

Donovan Mitchell is a prize for the NBA, he went out of his way to make it clear to the grieving Taylor family that he appreciates their dad and that everything will be okay.

This fan may have put it best:

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