Michael Thomas’ Celebration ‘Brought a Tear’ to Joe Horn’s Eye

Joe Horn

Getty Former New Orleans Saints WR Joe Horn

The New Orleans Saints handed the Los Angeles Rams their first loss of the 2018 NFL season on Sunday, but the headlines went beyond just the win. Star wide receiver Michael Thomas recreated out one of the most infamous celebrations in NFL history by pulling out a cell phone from under a goal post following his touchdown.

In case you missed it, here’s a look at Thomas’ touchdown celebration, which paid homage to former Saints wideout Joe Horn, courtesy of Jordan Heck.

After the play, the internet went wild, but one of the best reactions came from Horn himself. The man who created this celebration offered up the brutally honest truth on it, admitting that he nearly shed a tear, per Jeff Duncan of NOLA.com.

In case that wasn’t a solid enough response from the former NFL wideout, he apparently took it one step further. As Duncan also revealed, Horn said he went online immediately after seeing the celebration and bought Thomas’ jersey.

Thomas’ Superb Day Sparks Victory

The Saints have quietly moved to 7-1 on the season and it’s apparent there’s no one sleeping on this team now. But Thomas’ play on Sunday was nothing short of spectacular. The 25-year-old wideout saw 15 targets, triple the next-closest player, resulting in 12 catches for 211 yards and one touchdown.

After a red-hot start to the season in which Thomas received 40 targets in three games, he hadn’t seen double-digit targets in the four games prior. Thomas has a very real chance to finish the season with the best numbers of his career and most importantly, the Saints just continue to win games.

Horn surely loved seeing his celebration used by one of the NFL’s most talented wideouts, and he’s probably also a big fan of the fact that the Saints are on a seven-game winning streak.

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