In Case You Missed It: KD Tells Hawks Fans to ‘Shut Up’

kevin durant birthday

Getty Kevin Durant made a birthday request a bit awkward.

Kevin Durant is at it again.

Or is he?

The Golden State Warriors guard was once again filmed telling the opposition’s fans to shut up and watch the game, but this time it went down a bit differently than it did (infamously) a few weeks ago.

The infamous altercation took place in Dallas on November 18th, when KD told a few Dallas fans sitting along the baseline to “Watch the f*cking game and shut the f*ck up.” Durant was fined $25k for the incident, but he defended himself by saying that grown men shouldn’t be yelling at basketball players and insulting them for no reason.

Is KD Turning Over a New Leaf?

Durant is notorious in the league for feeding into drama, losing his temper, and defending himself online via burner accounts. But he could be turning over a new leaf, because this latest video shows him exhibiting some rare self-deprecation.

As a dig at himself, KD is seen turning to the fans behind him as he waits to pass in the ball at an away game in Atlanta. Instead of cussing anyone out, though, he playfully tells fans to “Watch the game and shut up,” in a clear reference to the controversial confrontation a few weeks earlier. He smiles when he says it, and the fans think the joke is hilarious.

It was pretty funny, gotta give it to him.

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