Lauren Butts, Jared Goff’s Sister: ‘The Best Sister Anyone Could Have’

Jared Goff sister lauren

Jared Goff Instagram; Getty

Lauren Butts, Jared Goff’s sister, was married in 2017, but fans still confuse her for Goff’s girlfriend on Instagram.

Goff frequently posts pictures of his mother and sister to Instagram on Twitter, and apparently even has them assist him with endorsements. On draft night in 2016, Goff wrote, “My mom and sister are looking great for my big night thanks to

In another post, Goff wrote, “Happy birthday Lauren! Thanks for being who you are and the best sister anyone could have. Love you!”

Though Goff has been rumored to be in a relationship with model and actress Christen Harper, he still hasn’t posted any pictures with her to his social media, so it’s no wonder people might wonder if Goff’s mystery girlfriend is Lauren — until they read his captions, of course.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lauren Butts, 26, Lives in Los Angeles With Her Husband

According to The Buffalo News, Lauren is 26 years old and lives with her husband in Los Angeles, where she received a master’s degree in social welfare from UCLA. Per The Los Angeles Times, Lauren also attended UCLA as an undergraduate, graduating in 2014 with a degree in international development.

To The Buffalo News, Lauren said she only really remembered one thing from her family’s time living in Buffalo, New York: the mascot. “I feel like it was … Buster?” she said in a phone call with the newspaper. “I remember really liking him, and thinking it was so cool.”

Lauren does not appear to have her own Instagram account, but Goff has mentioned her and his family frequently on his own social media. At her wedding in 2017, Goff wrote, “So incredibly happy for these two! My sissy is married! Congrats you two!! #MrsButts”

To The Los Angeles TimesLauren said that she doesn’t get noticed for her relationship to Goff often. She said, “In my master’s program, I was on the phone with a client before Jared was with the Rams. And the guy was like, ‘Oh, you have the same last name as that quarterback kid.’ I said, ‘Yeah, interesting.’ That’s the only person who recognized it, and he was a big college football fan.”


She also said that it only really occurred to her what was happening in her brother’s career when she went to his first NFL game. “I don’t think I’ve gotten really emotional until then,” she said, “It was bizarre. That was my first NFL game, and at Cal it was like he was a local guy so it didn’t really feel so out of this world. When he stepped on the field, I was thinking, ‘This is so weird. That’s Jared out on the field.'”

Lauren also offered a little teaser of information about her brother’s private life: his music choices. “He totally likes Justin Bieber,” she said to The Los Angeles Times. “He unashamedly likes pop music, and I do too.”


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