King Kong Bundy on ‘Married… With Children’ in 1987 & 1995

King Kong Bundy Married With Children

Screengrab via Fox Television King Kong Bundy pictured during his appearance on "Married With Children."

King Kong Bundy appeared on “Married… With Children” in 1987 and 1995, first as Uncle Irwin, brother to Peggy Bundy. Later, in 1995, the professional wrestler appeared as himself. According to the book, “Film and Television In-Jokes,” the show’s creators, Ron Leavitt and Michael Moye named the Bundy family after King Kong Bundy, who was the pair’s favorite wrestler. Also, the Bundy’s next door neighbors, the Rhodes family, were named for NWA wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes.

Tragically, Bundy died at the age of 61 on March 4, 2019.

Married with Children Podcast #35 All in the Family Al's quiet three-day weekend plans to watch his favorite John Wayne movie "Hondo" are ruined when Peggy's eccentric relatives come to visit the Bundy household. They include her unseen, obese mother, two feuding uncles; the hulking Irwin and the effeminate Otto, as well as a singing and dancing triplet of aunts whose showbiz career…2017-09-06T21:28:38.000Z

In his first appearance, Bundy showed up as Peggy Bundy’s brother, Uncle Irwin, alongside his brother, Uncle Otto, in the episode “All in the Family.” The pair are complete opposites as Irwin is portrayed as gruff, he charges at things with his head and gains the admiration of Peggy’s son, Bud. Uncle Otto was played by James “Gypsy” Haake. Otto gains the admiration of Peggy’s daughter, Kelly, and joins with the girls rather than the men during a singalong.

KING KONG BUNDY VS AL BUNDYRandom experiences in the world of professional wrestling.2016-04-01T18:39:15.000Z

Bundy appeared again in October 1995 in the episode “Flight of the Bumblebee,” which coincided with his release from the WWE after his second run. Bundy does not appear as Uncle Irwin but rather as himself. The plot of the episode sees Bud Bundy need to get a photo with King Kong Bundy in order to join his father’s anti-feminist group, NO MA’AM. After sneaking backstage at a wrestling event with his sister while dressed as a bumblebee, Bud unwittingly ends up in a wrestling match with Bundy. The teen gets squashed and does not get a photo with Bundy, resulting in him being refused admittance to NO MA’AM.

In the WWE’s 2014 DVD release, “True Giants,” it’s said that Bundy enjoyed acting on the show so much that he wanted to be written in as a regular feature but the producers said that they could not work it out. In tweets with fans over the years, Bundy spoke with great fondness of his appearances on the show even saying the producers could count him in if they ever wanted to do a reunion special.

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