Lakers Called ‘Kardashians of the NBA’ by Analyst

Lakers Kardashians of NBA

Getty Kobe Bryant addresses the crowd alongside Jeanie Buss, Rob Pelinka, and Magic Johnson.

A major bombshell was dropped this morning in the form of ESPN’s Baxter Holmes’ article chronicling the Lakers’ recent dysfunction. Ripe with quotes from sources within the organization about the mishandling of Klutch Sports and a disconnect with the coaching staff among many others, the article paints a picture of utter chaos and zero direction within the Los Angeles Lakers.

Lakers Called ‘Kardashians of the NBA’ by Analyst/Player Jay Williams

‘The Lakers are the Kardashians of the NBA’ – Jay Williams | Get Up!Jay Williams compares the Los Angeles Lakers to the Kardashian family following ESPN senior writer Baxter Holmes’ article detailing the Lakers’ failed reboot. #GetUp ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV:…2019-05-28T13:12:48.000Z

ESPN’s show, Get Up!, discussed the explosive article on their episode today. While all panelists shared the same feeling in that the organization was in shambles, Jay Williams put the cherry on top as he gave the perfect description to the perpetual chaos that surrounds the franchise.

Get Up! – “I think I’m finally ready to say it. The Lakers are the Kardashians of the NBA. It’s the best reality show on TV. And a good friend gave me some advice about the Kardashians, ‘no matter how bad you want to hook up with them, don’t do it’. This whole thing starts from the top, the first thing I read in the article about Linda Rambis being the shadow owner for Jeanie Buss, that gives you a lot of insight into what people think about Jeanie Buss and what people think about the ownership. This whole thing has turned into a house of cards”

Williams didn’t pull any punches but also wasn’t entirely wrong. The Finals start this week and the NBA Draft and Free Agency are right around the corner, yet the biggest story in basketball is how dysfunctional the Lakers are. Things have gotten to the point where it is so bad that it has a real chance to scare off potential free agent targets. If it was one report it may be something to brush off, but the repeated pattern of dysfunction shown off by the organization lends one to believe that “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”.

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Jeanie Buss and the Los Angeles Lakers’ Ownership Troubles

Jeanie Buss was born and raised in the Lakers’ organization, and that ultimately could be her downfall. Rather than entrusting the creative and cutting edge basketball minds that populate the sport, Buss keeps an incredibly close circle of former Lakers staffers & players. That trust has burned the Lakers on a number of occasions, most notably the hiring of Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson to the front office. Pelinka was the agent to Kobe Bryant, one of Buss’ most trusted confidants, while Magic was the superstar player during the heyday of her father’s Lakers yet neither had any front office experience or actual qualifications for their roles.

This isn’t to say that the organizational failure rests solely on the shoulders of Jeanie Buss but she needs to do a better job of holding the people close to her accountable. The Lakers are the NBA’s premier franchise and them getting back on track starts with the Lakers making smart choices from the top down.

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