Cole Beasley Rips Dallas Cowboys, Feels ‘More Important’ With Bills

Getty Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley signed a deal with the Buffalo Bills.

Cole Beasley found a new home with the Buffalo Bills, signing a free agent deal with the team this offseason.

But Beasley — who spent his first seven years in the league with the Dallas Cowboys after signing as an undrafted free agent — can’t stop talking about his former team.

In a new piece by The Athletic’s Tim Graham, Beasley details his disdain for the Cowboys, calling himself “salty” about the situation.

“I don’t even want to bring up Dallas anymore, really,” he said. “Every time I bring them up, it’s like I’m salty I’m not there.”

Cole Beasley

GettyFormer Dallas Cowboys WR Cole Beasley

Beasley signed a four-year, $29 million deal with Buffalo in the offseason. Dallas wanted Beasley back, but not at that price tag, especially after spending a first round pick to acquire Amari Cooper from the Raiders.

Cooper is among the Dallas players still in search of a new deal, as well as quarterback Dak Prescott.

In The Athletic piece, Beasley takes many veiled shots at the Cowboys and the play calling, which he has been critical of in the past.

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“I feel I can do damage in a system like this,” Beasley said. “A receiver in this offense is way more important than it was in my last offense. There’s a lot more variety in what I’m doing here.”

Beasley — who has never had 1,000 yards or over five touchdowns in a season in his career — continued on a tirade with the Cowboys in the crosshairs.

“I’m just glad to be here,” Beasley said, “where it’s 100 percent about ball and not a show or a brand. It’s purer here. I’m proud to be part of something like that.”

This may be linked to comments Beasley had made previously about his lack of targets in the offense being linked to the front offense wanting to promote certain players.

“Honestly, the front office pushes who they want to get the ball to,” Beasley tweeted. “I haven’t been a huge priority in that regard. Maybe that will change but I’m not sure. More balls come my way in 2 minute (sic) drill where nothing is planned.

“I don’t need the ball all the time. Just more than 3 targets a game. Is 5 to 8 targets a game at least too much to ask?”

The Cowboys and Bills play on Nov. 28 in Dallas. Beasley will do his best to show Dallas what they’re missing, but he’ll likely do it with a smattering of “boos” serving as the soundtrack.

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