Lawyer Reveals How Antonio Brown Will Lose Legal Case With Patriots

Antonio Brown

Getty Antonio Brown played one game with the Patriots.

This month, Antonio Brown was released by both the Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots.

Brown has also been accused of three incidents of sexual assault in 2017 and 2018. This includes an allegation involving his former trainer, Britney Taylor.

The accusations came in a federal lawsuit filed by Taylor in the Southern District of Florida.

The Patriots released a statement on the lawsuit filed against Brown and eventually released him.

Million Dollar Questions: Will he play for another team? What legal actions does the embattled NFL wide receiver have in terms of the money lost from NFL teams?

Antonio Brown’s Chances of Getting Bonus Money From Patriots

On this week’s episode of the Scoop B Radio Podcast, I checked in with sports attorney, Richard Roth.

Roth has represented Warren Sapp and Peyton Manning among other high profile clients.

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Check out a snippet from our Q&A via Scoop B Radio Below:

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: I’m going to throw a dart in the dark. Antonio Brown.

Richard Roth: Yeah, Scoop B, when’s the last time you said ‘no’ to $40 million?

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Never.

Richard Roth: Crazy story. I mean, it’s like you want to hit him on the head, right?

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Yeah.

Richard Roth: So, as we all know, Antonio Brown, who is a tremendous athlete, is dismissed by the Raiders and picked up by the Patriots, and he had a $29.8 million-dollar guaranteed remaining salary on the Raiders and a $9 million advance for the Patriots, and what does he do? He essentially just goes crazy on Twitter, slamming a woman after she accused him of misconduct, which leads to the Patriots saying “listen, we can’t have this guy, he’s potentially a walking time bomb.” So the Patriots say ‘thank you, no thank you’, then he goes off on Kraft and the Patriots, and even nails Roethlisberger in one of his tweets, but his tweet against Kraft is “listen, you were caught in a brothel, or a sex place, how come stuff didn’t happen to you?” but nothing’s happened to him yet. So now the Patriots are saying, “You know, we had that $9 million we were gonna pay you under the contract, you’re not entitled to anything. Good bye, good luck.” So $40 million down the drain by good old Antonio Brown.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: For those listening, the Raiders’ guaranteed money was voided after the team fined him for detrimental conduct before his release on September 7, and then, in light of his outburst on Twitter, as you mentioned, which ridiculed Robert Kraft, they also said goodbye to him, and to the payment. How does an athlete like him try to recover anything from the Patriots, and can he?

Richard Roth: Listen, he will sue the Patriots, but the bottom line is that there is a clause in the contract that essentially says that if he engages in inappropriate conduct, which is similar to what we call a morals clause, and they can just not pay him the advance, so good luck with that. He can try, I mean, I think what he has to do now, and you know, this is the kind of guy who’s a phenomenal athlete who trips over his own feet when it comes to social media, what he’s gotta do is just shut the hell up and try to see if another team wants him. There’s rumors that the Titans may want him, there’s rumors that the Vikings may want him, but the problem is he’s toxic, so he’s not gonna get his money from the Patriots, let’s just hope he just shuts up and plays football.

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