Jarrad Davis Uses Creative Metaphor to Describe Lions

Jarrad Davis

Getty Jarrad Davis prepares to take on the Eagles in 2019.

Jarrad Davis gets high marks for mastering the art of playing linebacker for the Detroit Lions as well as providing some excellent soundbites.

Davis, when asked to explain how the Lions have managed to turn over a new leaf and be a 2-1-1 team thus far this season, went into a little bit of horticulture to help explain why that’s been the case. As he sees it, the Lions are starting to germinate and bloom in the proper way just like a seedling would.

“In a sense we’re kind of like a newly seeded plant in a way. We’re starting to blossom a little bit. We got to keep watering, we got to keep giving ourself that light. We have to keep making sure that we are paying attention to things that are going to help us grow and get better,” Davis told the media this week.

Davis was around in 2018 for what became a struggle amid a frustrating 6-10 season on the field, and as he said, it’s been somewhat a shift in mindset and motivation which has led to Detroit’s turnaround on the field in 2019, as well as cleaning up some of the small details which prevented the Lions from having more overwhelming success.

“I think we definitely (have) taken more into account, the details of the game, and kind of put aside what was holding us back last year. It was multiple things, but just those things that kind of got in our way, we moved those things out of the way,” he said. “We just make sure we focus even harder when we’re tired or not feeling good. Make our focus even harder on the things that are going to help us win the game.”

Davis has returned to action early this season after missing time with an ankle injury left over from the preseason, but as he said, getting into the flow in spite of that hasn’t been difficult. With the bye coming up, the Lions have to continue to drill down on the things which can make the team even better in the weeks ahead. As the linebacker said, he thinks that variable is simply talking things out between teammates so everyone’s on the same page.

“Just making sure we’re communicating. Just making sure we’re seeing the details of the game,” he said. “Making sure we don’t take any of the details of the game for granted, don’t let anything slip in understanding of what a team does to attack us and just attack that. Make sure we attack it and execute and do our job.”

Detroit’s start has caught the attention of plenty around the league, but reality says the Lions will have to stay humble and hungry in order to make the 2019 season a great one when all is said and done.

With Davis and his lessons in photosynthesis leading the charge, count on the Lions having all the tools to be able to continue to achieve that goal when they tangle with the Green Bay Packers in a few weeks on Monday Night Football.

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