Cowboys Star Gets Into Exchange With Reporter Over Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick

Getty Colin Kaepernick will workout in front of NFL teams on Saturday.

The Dallas Cowboys‘ locker room was abuzz Wednesday with the news of Colin Kaepernick’s hastily-scheduled NFL workout.

Reporters during their post-practice availability prompted numerous players on the former 49ers quarterback, who hasn’t seen a down of football since 2016. By and large, Kaepernick received wholesale support from those queried.

So much so that Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith turned the tables on WFAA anchor Jonah Javad, who asked Smith if he believes Kaepernick belongs in the pros despite the league’s thinly-veiled attempt to exclude ex-dual-threat star.

The exchange, per Javad:

The feeling to some who inhabit The Star is an appreciation for Kaepernick receiving his long-awaited tryout, set to be held Saturday in Atlanta, blended with confidence the now-32-year-old could re-enter the sport.

“I think it’s dope. I hope he gets his chance, his opportunity to show what he’s got… I was in college watching him play like, ‘This dude’s amazing.’ Hopefully, he’s still got it,” said Cowboys cornerback Byron Jones, per Javad.

At least one Dallas representative is expected to be on hand to scout Kaepernick, if his throwing session, conditioning, and subsequent media availability — arranged without his knowledge — actually goes down. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Thursday he’s “skeptical” the ballyhooed workout takes place as planned.

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Cowboys Given Odds on Kaep

Suffice it to say, they’re not considered front-runners to add the controversial signal-caller, whose National Anthem protests and ongoing crusade against social and racial injustice don’t exactly jibe with hardline owner Jerry Jones.

Vegas lists Dallas with staggering 50/1 odds to sign Kaepernick, according to, which classified the hapless Bengals (7/2) as the frontrunner for his services. Other potential suitors include the Steelers (4/1), Ravens (6/1), Bills (7/1), Ravens (7/1), Panthers (8/1), Texans (10/1) and Bears (12/1).

Cowboys Fans Threaten Revolt if Kaepernick Joins Team

Upon learning the club will be present at Kaepernick’s weekend session, a large sect of Cowboys Nation — via the Heavy Facebook page — reacted angrily, vowing to stop attending games, trash their memorabilia, and, in some extreme cases, switch NFL allegiances. Below are a few examples of (unedited) anti-Kaepernick rhetoric from the Cowboys’ faithful.

You can’t call yourself America’s team and then sign someone who kneels for the national anthem Cowboy fan since the 70s if it happens I will be a Texan fan

Oh hell no , He doesn’t deserve to step foot on the field ever with any team , especially the Cowboys , been a fan all my life this may do it for me , I don’t know what they’re thinking it’s not our quarterback it’s the head coach , that is my opinion .

I’ve been a Dallas fan all my life if Jerry Jones signs him I’ll definitely not have any nfl team. My decision has nothing to do with race, it’s about the American flag and what it represents and his disrespect to it”

I will burn every single Cowboys item that I have if they turn that viewing into anything other than an “ informational” session.

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