Sam Darnold or Daniel Jones? ESPN Analyst Reveals Who’s Better in New York

Whos is the King of New York?

Co-Tenants at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, the New York Jets and New York Giants are playing against each other in a regular season football game that features two quarterbacks in very new situations.

Insert: Daniel Jones and Sam Darnold.

Two QBs representing the New York Metropolitan area while playing in New Jersey.

Jones, 22 is guiding a Giants football club that has dealt with injuries to key players like Saquon Barkley and Evan Engram.

“Everyone has something to say and right now people are saying it was an awful pick,” Saquon Barkley told me back in June at his football camp at West Essex High School in New Jersey.

“But, when he wait ’til he wins two Super Bowls, they’ll be saying ‘what a great pick!’”

“He understands that there’s things that come with success,” Giants Tight End, Evan Engram told me on Thursday.

“With some of the failures, the adversity he attacks it and finds ways to get better each and every day and that’s promising to see in a young quarterback in a young leader for us.”

Sam Darnold, also 22, has dealt with injuries himself at the beginning of the season; he had mono.

Running back, LeVeon Bell has missed time too.

On Thursday, I caught up with ESPN’s Outside the Lines host Jeremey Schaapp and discussed both quarterbacks at the ALS Greater New York Chapter Lou Gehrig Sports Awards dinner.

Check out a snippet from our Q&A below:

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: How about if you had to make a bet on quarterbacks, which one: Daniel Jones or Sam Darnold?

Jeremy Schaapp: It’s a very small sample size, I mean I’m still old enough to remember when guys weren’t expected to play until they had been in the league for about 3 or 4 years. I think, and I’m just being honest, I’m not such a close observer that I have an informed opinion. I cover more sports issues, not the daily roster stuff, or how Sam looked this week, or how Daniel looked last week. I don’t know the mechanics. I think there’s reason they can both be good quarterbacks, but I also know in the NFL, it’s all about what you got around them, it’s about consistency, building an offense, and having a consistent coordinator and philosophy, would Tim Couch be a great quarterback if he went to another team? other circumstances could we have found a way for Tim Tebow to be a productive NFL player? Quarterbacks especially are hard to judge in the vacuum. Look at David Carr. Carr was a talent. David Carr could’ve gone to a lot of places and I think would’ve been a very good player. But he was on a historically bad team with bad linemen around him.

The Darnold and Jones debate will go on for a while. Both are the same age and both have promising futures. ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky sees the beauty in Darnold.

“Sam’s got more uncoachable arm talent,” ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky told the New York Post.

“He can do stuff from different arm angles and different foot platforms and make more challenging throws.“

Orlovsky also tells the Post that he likes Jones though. “Daniel is probably a more refined quarterback,” he said.

“They’re very different players, but both are accurate players and that’s the greatest physical tool a quarterback can have.”

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