Jamals Adams Gets in Heated Twitter Exchange With Derek Carr’s Brother

jamal adams

Getty New York Jets Safety Jamal Adams.

The New York Jets put up a dominant performance against a strong Oakland Raiders team and Jamal Adams’ fingerprints were all over the win. The safety had a sack and was consistently blowing plays up. Despite being involved in trade rumors at the deadline, Adams hasn’t let it affect his play. He’s earned a reputation for having quite a mouth and he was very active on Twitter after the game.

While the above picture seemed innocuous and something that would make sense for a player to do after a big game, Derek Carr’s brother, Darren, wasn’t having any of it.

Darren simply replied “saved for later,” implying that the Raiders quarterback will get his revenge at some point and his brother is going to be quick to remind Adams about his trash talk. The All-Pro safety wasn’t having any of it.

Darren didn’t give up and clapped back at Adams by posting a photo of former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski scoring a touchdown on him.

Adams then decided to take things to the next level and make things personal.

“I understand you never made it to the big stage, but stop living through your brothas. You need to focus on your lil high school job… you got class to teach tomorrow!” Tweeted Adams.

Clearly offended by that, Darren defended himself.

“Jamal, you are a heck of a player man. But I have 50 young men that have more respect for their opponent then you do. A “pro” making fun of a HS teacher/Coach. Had a heart problem & couldn’t play anymore, so thanks for [bringing] it up. *Its thanksgiving break brother, week off.”

Adams didn’t care about Darren’s appeal to his emotions and played it safe with a comment about Carr’s grammar.

Darren had one last tweet that Adams didn’t respond to.

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Derek Carr Praised Adams Before the Game

Despite the loss, it’s clear that Derek Carr had respect for Adams heading into the game. He’s definitely one of the game’s biggest trash talkers, but also one of its best players.

“Jamal Adams is one of the best players in the league. The guy is unreal,” Carr said Wednesday. “When you turn the tape on, you can feel his presence without being there. I remember we played him 17 here, and I remember telling him, ‘Keep that intensity.’ Because if you can play like that all the time – because I was impressed by him – I said, ‘If you can play like that all the time, you’re going to be one of the best to be in this league.’ Now, I have nothing to do with him being one of the best in the league, but I do remember having that conversation.”

Carr was right about Adams and he played a big role in the Raiders’ loss. The two men even had a little bit of an exchange in the game after Adams slightly hit Carr after the whistle had blown. There could be an interesting Carr-Adams rivalry brewing.

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