Lions’ Kenny Golladay Dishes on Calvin Johnson Inspired Nickname

Kenny Golladay

Getty Kenny Golladay scores against the Raiders.

Detroit Lions wideout Kenny Golladay has heard the comparisons as well as the nickname, and he doesn’t want to hear any more of it.

Ever since Golladay burst on the scene in Detroit with his massive frame, ability to make insane catches as well as get down the field quickly, he’s drawn Calvin Johnson comparisons. Folks in Detroit have thirsted for another wideout who can make the same plays as Johnson, and they’ve found one similar in Golladay.

As such, they’ve taken to calling Golladay “Babytron,” a nickname which is derived from Johnson’s popular “Megatron” moniker. But Golladay doesn’t want anything to do with such a nickname in his career. In fact, he’d rather someone come up with something original to nickname him.

Last week, Fox showed a clip during Detroit’s game against the Oakland Raiders which explained Golladay’s feelings about the nickname. Clearly, he’s not big on it.

“I’ve been hearing that since my rookie season. That’s Calvin’s nickname, I’m trying to create one of my own,” Golladay said.

Fair enough. Anyone who’s still using “Babytron” can promptly shelve it and try to come up with something a little more unique and original. Golladay would probably appreciate it, if not take it to heart and use it assuming the title fit.

Quick Start

Golladay turned in plenty of big plays this season, and he’s outdoing himself week to week. Last week, on the afternoon to help in Detroit’s losing effort, he scored 1 touchdown and gained 132 yards. The Lions might not have won, but once again, Gollday was a walking big play for the team’s offense as he has been much of the 2019 season. The Lions needed a big lift, and Golladay gave it to them with his consistent explosion for yet another week.

So far this season, Golladay has put up 640 yards and 7 touchdowns and continues to be a force for the Lions. It would not be a shock to see him go well over 1,000 yards receiving, especially with how consistent Matthew Stafford is playing thus far this season.

Golladay is off fast in terms of 2019 and his career, something everyone who watches him would likely agree with, no matter what they decide to call him.

Kenny Golladay’s Future With Lions

In total, Golladay has enjoyed arguably the best start to a career of any wideout in his 2017 draft class not named JuJu Smith-Schuster. With 1,783 yards and 12 touchdowns thus far in his career, Golladay looks like an obvious top dog in Detroit for the foreseeable future with Matthew Stafford tossing him the rock. That’s good news for the Lions, who have long pondered how to find production at the wideout position minus Johnson. Not an issue anymore with Golladay taking over.

Golladay will be a player the Lions want to keep and build around at wide receiver for the foreseeable future given his homegrown status and what he’s been able to do thus far in his career. When his contract comes up, count on the Lions making a quick push to get him in the fold well into the future.

As the big plays continue for Detroit, perhaps in time, he might get his own unique nickname.

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