Browns Fans Continue to Troll Steelers’ Mason Rudolph

Myles Garrett Mason Rudolph

Getty Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph fights with Browns defensive end Myles Garrett.

The NFL brawl between Cleveland Browns defensive end, Myles Garrett and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph happened nearly a month ago. However, Browns and Steelers fans are still referring to the incident as they throw insults back and forth. One Browns fan even decided to have some fun with a friend’s car.

Bill O’Brien, a Browns fan in Tampa, Florida, decorated the car to reflect Garrett hitting Rudolph with his helmet. O’Brien attached a Steelers helmet cutout to the rear windshield wiper, and when you turn on the back window wiper, the helmet smacks a Mason Rudolph cutout in the head.

“Just put this on my friends’ car here In Brandon, Florida!” Browns fan Bill O’Brien wrote on Facebook. “Brandon Browns Backers representing! Go Browns beat down the Stoolers!”

O’Brien posted the video to a Cleveland sports group on Facebook before the Week 13 game between the two teams. Pittsburgh got the last laugh with a 20-13 win over the Browns.

Fan Uses Myles Garrett & Mason Rudolph Tree Topper

On Thursday, Ryan Haidet of reported that Steve Schneider and his family decided to skip putting the traditional star or angel on the top of the tree. Instead, they decided to make their own tree topper, which is a re-creation of the controversial scene between Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph. The Garrett figurine features a rotating arm swinging a black helmet at a Rudolph lookalike character with the NFL theme song in the background. 

Steve Schneider and his family, who live in Washington state, tweeted a video of what was made.

“May I present the Schneider family Christmas tree topper!” Schneider Tweeted out. He would later follow up that tweet revealing that the city of Cleveland “contacted us about our creation, but it seems like no one wants to believe we are Hawks fans.”

The NFL suspended Myles Garrett indefinitely without pay for his part in the incident, and the league later fined Rudolph for his role in the Thursday Night Football brawl. Garrett will also have to meet with the commissioner’s office before being reinstated for the 2020 season.

The NFL announced that it suspended Maurkice Pouncey for three games without pay along with defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi, who was suspended one game without pay for his role in the brawl. Both the Browns and Steelers organizations $250,000 each.

Ex-NBA Veteran Matt Barnes Blames Rudolph

After the incident, former Golden State Warriors forward Matt Barnes shared his opinion on the brawl.

“Let’s keep in mind, none of this s*** would have happened if he didn’t try to pull Garrett’s helmet off. I’m sure he was frustrated; he had a horrible game, threw four picks, and was just frustrated. He had a natural reaction, but you have to think him trying to pull Garrett’s helmet off is what caused all this s***.”

“It didn’t work, Garrett pulled his helmet off and his two o-linemen were trying to defuse the situation, and he got up like Superman and tries to charge Garrett. Knowing that if Garrett didn’t have a helmet and just his hand, he would have whooped dude’s a** anyway,” Barnes said.

“I think the suspension fits – the rest of the season is what? Like six or seven more games. It shouldn’t go into next season, and there shouldn’t be any charges pressed.”

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