NFL Draft Order Standings 2020: Bengals Secure No. 1 Pick

NFL Draft Standings

Getty Joe Burrow is one of the favorites to be the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft.

The Bengals are in the driver’s seat to have the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL draft. Cincinnati would clinch the top pick with a loss to the Dolphins.

The Giants and Dolphins both need to lose their remaining two games to have any chance at having the top pick. As a reminder, strength of schedule is the tiebreaker in the draft standings, so the team with the weaker schedule would get the higher draft pick. It is the exact opposite of the NFL playoffs where the team with the stronger schedule gets the nod when the tiebreaker is utilized.

Joe Burrow & Chase Young Are the Favorites to Be the No. 1 Pick

Two players with ties to Ohio State are the favorites to be the number one pick, which could be even more interesting if Cincinnati lands the top selection. LSU quarterback Joe Burrow started college at Ohio State before transforming his career in Baton Rouge. Burrow just won the Heisman Trophy and is the favorite to be the top pick if a team in need of a quarterback gets the No. 1 slot.

One anonymous NFL talent evaluator discussed the outlook for the No. 1 pick with

“I think he goes No. 1 if a team that needs a QB has the pick,” the source told “If the Giants end up with the pick, it’s probably Chase Young. I think (Burrow) has proven this year that he’s the best guy in this draft class. Smart, tough as (heck), accurate and his team obviously loves him since they carried him off the field last week.”

If the Bengals do end up with the top selection, Burrow would be the early favorite to be the pick. Andy Dalton’s days with the Bengals appear to be numbered as the team already benched the quarterback once this season.

Chase Young would be the favorite for the pick if the Giants are able to gain ground for the top spot. New York already has a quarterback in Daniel Jones and the team could snag a franchise pass rusher. Young is a rare defensive talent who will be a no-brainer pick at No. 2 if Burrow does get selected first.

The Dolphins and Giants have likely played their way out of the No. 1 pick barring a surprising end to the season. Miami could gain a game on Cincinnati with a loss in Week 16 but the Dolphins would still need some help to move back up to the No. 1 spot.

Here is a look at the NFL draft order if the season ended today, per Tankathon. We will be updating the standings after the late-afternoon games have been completed.

NFL Draft Order 2020: Week 16

1. Bengals 1 14
2. Redskins 3 12
3. Lions 3 10 1
4. Giants 4 11
5. Dolphins 4 11
6. Jaguars 5 10
7. Chargers 5 10
8. Panthers 5 10
9. Cardinals 5 9 1
10. Jets 6 9
11. Broncos 6 9
12. Browns 6 9
13. Falcons 6 9
14. Raiders 7 8
15. Cowboys 7 8
16. Colts 7 8
17. Bucs 7 8
18. Raiders (via Bears) 7 8
19. Dolphins (via Steelers) 8 7
20. Jaguars (via Rams) 8 7
21. Eagles 8 7
22. Titans 8 7
23. Bills 10 5
24. Vikings 10 4
25. Dolphins (via Texans) 10 5
26. Chiefs 11 4
27. Seahawks 11 4
28. Packers 11 3
29. Patriots 12 3
30. Saints 12 3
31. 49ers 12 3
32. Ravens 13 2