Chiefs QB Mahomes’ Hometown Adopting Longtime KC Tradition

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

In Kansas City, Red Friday is a time old tradition where residents sport their red apparel ahead of a Kansas City Chiefs home game. Seeing as Sunday is the AFC Championship match, expect to see the City of Fountains aggressively covered in team colors. For one Texas town where a super star quarterback hails from, they’re officially adopting this ritual in the essence of team spirit.

Whitehouse Independent School District, where gunslinger Patrick Mahomes began his football career, are also encouraging supporters to don their finest red ahead of the contentious matchup against the Tennessee Titans. In a Facebook post Tuesday, Whitehouse ISD officials asked followers to lend their support behind the reigning MVP.

A portion of the statement reads: “Join us in supporting Patrick and the Chiefs by wearing KC colors this Friday, January 17th!! Let’s go!!”

Also lending their support, the Whitehouse Area Chamber of Commerce revealed they are hosting a “Paint the Town Red and Gold” event.

Details for the event reads: “In support of Whitehouse Native Patrick Mahomes, Jr. we would love to have businesses join us in painting/decorating their business and wear your CHIEF shirts/jerseys.”

Mahomes could be calling Kansas City home for the entirety of his already-memorable NFL career, but it’s remarkable to see his hometown insists on celebrating his accomplishments no matter where he ultimately leads his team to a Super Bowl trophy.

Mahomes Delivers Funny Message to Abandoning Fan

The Chiefs got off to a rather bleak start against the Houston Texans in Sunday’s AFC Divisional game. However, it only took one quarter to turn things around and overtake their opponent on their way to their second straight title appearance.

One fan was convinced he was the reason why the Chiefs were down 21 points against Houston at the end of the opening 15 minutes. So, he decided to leave.

“I’m outta here so we can get the second-half comeback going,” Charles Penn, a Chiefs fan said, adding that he would be watching the rest of the game from his phone until he returned home.

No one can say for sure if his exit gave the Chiefs the spark they needed to put up 28 unanswered points against Deshaun Watson and company before halftime, but it sure did catch Mahomes’ attention in his post-match presser. A reporter asked the 24-year-old his thoughts on the ordeal, to which he simply replied with a chuckle, “Watch the next game at home.”

It was all in good fun after Penn called out number 15 on Twitter for his remark, with Mahomes responding with words of appreciation regarding his support of the “Kingdom.”

It’s all smiles in Kansas City following the Chiefs’ history-making turnaround, so hopefully there’s no love lost between the two parties and Penn can test his luck this coming Sunday when the Titans march into Arrowhead Stadium.